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The sliding triggers for the car movement is running off 0.01 seconds timer. So, in terms of smoothness, I'd say it's good already (Can't get any better anyway :p). The problem you're experiencing is probably the reaction of the cars. This can't be helped because the 'Key pressed' events are never immediate. They have slight delay before the event is really fired.

If I'm not mistaken, I've added notes of 'how to play' the mode right after you choose the mode in the beginning of the game. I'll look into that though. Basically, in the new mode, the cars are started at equal distant from the bomb. After the countdown is completed, all the cars must race to grab the bomb. Once bumping the bomb, you're considered 'armed' after 3 seconds. You can't move in the period of 3 seconds. After being armed, you have 10 seconds to bump ANY car at all. You'll explode after bumping, and all other cars will be killed by you. If you don't bump any car within 10 seconds, you're considered suicidal, and lose points.

As for the AI's, I'll try as best to make them dumber :p.


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Hmm... Never realised you post, rover. Thought of bumping this after 3 months and then I saw your post...

Anyway, bump for those who hasn't played this before. Just some 5 minutes fun.


(Evol)ution is nothing without love.
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I still play this game when I have time, it's always a laugh to play it. You always never cease to amaze people, me, with whatever you do.
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