Bust a Move for NUON - unreleased but finished title - who is interested in this?

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Bust a Move for NUON is out there. It is a done thing and ready to release. For whatever reason it did not ever get distributed but we have it but we do not have rights to release it. What is the interest in getting this game out there? I know that Songbird knows this game is out there and I know that we do not have any kind of deal yet so it is probably not all that easy. Licensing issue I am guessing. I am willing to work on that licensing issue if there is any interest in this game. I might do it anyway I really don't know yet I am impulsive.. :) This is not a pre-order list rather it is General Interest survey. What say you?

Terrible video resolution K3V you should try to get an updated capture if we are going to make this work...

I am really interested in this game. I've had a lot of fun with the first game on my CMVS, especially with playing against friends. Would love to experience this installment on the Nuon.
Sonbird and/or K3V please private message me here or get on the discord and messge me there I need to ask you guys some questions about this.

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