Demo Map Buying Spells From a Shop

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    If you ever have wondered how to allow your heroes to buy spells from shops, but stumbled upon problem, then fear no more!

    Take a look at the demo map which shows exactly how to do that - how to buy spells from a shop.

    Contains a single trigger with comments for easier understanding.

    How it works:

    - A hero buys a dummy item, which represent the 'buyable' spell
    - A check is run to determine which spell was bought
    - The hero is checked whether he already has the spell or not
    - The spells is added or the level of the spell is increased as necessary
    - When the spell is 'maxed out' the player is no longer able to buy the spell.


    On a side note, Pandaren still rule the world!



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    BRUTAL I'm working

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    ahah cool, never seen anything like this before
    good job:thup:
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  3. PurgeandFire

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    Good job. Nice and simple. Works fine too, no bugs found from me yet! :thup:
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  5. Andrewgosu

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    Thanks for the feedback so far, people.
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  6. TomTTT

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    Thanks ALOT :)
    Really helps! Helped me not only with buying skills but much more :) +rep.
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    I really like this System. It is well structured and coded fluently. The code does not lack any description and there are no imported files. It is easy to implent a new hero with new abilities to this system because of the handy loop. I hope I do not necro-post a 2008 year old topic.

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