Can Not Start Windows Normally

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I tend to keep my computer on all of the time. It runs smoothly and usually never crashes.

It is when we have power outages that I run into issues. When starting, my computer makes it to the Windows logo, and then the screen goes blank as if it is getting no signal.

Usually I have the hold the power button to stop the computer and try to start it again.
Now the screen goes blank for a short time, and then shows a quick blue screen and restarts.

I do not know what information you need to help me resolve this issue I am having with starting.

I am actually posting from this computer in safe mode. Safe mode starts without any problems.


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I am no expert (likey less then most people here).

But If it was me. I would try a few things (assuming your conformable with it).

  1. Keep Unpluged And Un powered for 3 min (Re plug, and test)
  2. Remove Ram, Put Ram Back in. (replug, test)
  3. Assuming more then 1 ram unit, remove one, and keep the other. and visa versa.
  4. Unplug Video card and use on board card
I cant say any of that will help. Another Thought. Is you can go to safe mode, then my computer then device manger. and check to see if any of those have ! next to them or a yellow symbol. If so perhaps its a driver causing your computer to crash. Example: a bad video card driver, that attempts to load and isn't working right, could cause it not to load windows.

I would personally avoid touching the bios, or resting it unless you have tired everything else as i know that can jack things up in windows.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: The Fact that Safe mode comes up, Means its not using most of your drivers and using safe mode type drivers. (At least I think so). So That points in the Driver Issue department. But again Not sure.

Edit**: What Version of windows?


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it sounds to me like something on the hard drive has been corrupted (from a hard power crash), likely some sort of driver - best solution would be a clean windows install

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I was suspecting it to be my video driver. I have Windows 7 Home Premium.

I am terrible with drivers. I am hoping to avoid a reformat or reinstall. What can I do to fix the driver?


I would blame your RAM for this, if you have two or more, try removing each at a time and see which one is faulty, as for drivers, search for 3DP Chip on google, it scans and finds all your required drivers at once,it is very easy to use and has a very simple interface


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I would blame your RAM for this, if you have two or more, try removing each at a time and see which one is faulty
bad Ram would make the computer unable to stay on for long periods of time, such as the OP's normal habbit - also it's generally best to use a memory testing program (like memtest86) to see if there are bad sticks, as then there is less stuff going on and it's easier to pinpoint issues


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I think important Windows files are corrupted or your HDD is damaged. What are you describing could be caused by faulty RAM, but in my experience a fresh install of Windows almost always fixes the issue.
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