World Canadian missing since 2012 found in Amazon rainforest

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    A Canadian man who vanished in 2012 has been found alive in the Amazonian rainforest, after what's believed to have been a 10,500-kilometre walk to South America.

    Anton Pilipa, 39, was found in northern Brazil late last year, homeless, confused and without any identification.

    He had been "wandering the towns and highways" in one of the most dangerous regions of the Amazon, according to a GoFundMe page launched by his family.

    Pilipa disappeared in March of 2012, amid a prolonged struggle with schizophrenia. It's believed he walked most of the way from Scarborough, Ont., to South America.

    Canadian-born police officer Helenice Vidigal led the effort to identify Pilipa on social media, as one of the few officers capable of communicating in English at the Porto Velho police department. Vidigal managed to get in touch with Pilipa's brother, Stefan, around Christmas, and arrangements were eventually made to return Anton home.

    Anton Pilipa briefly escaped from police supervision in Porto Velho December, but was recovered in time to meet his brother in Brazil in January.

    Read more here. (CTV News)

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