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Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by Somone playing W3, May 6, 2017.

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    Guys you remember that event "Unit - Any Unit dies" on the trigger menu. Well apparently i cant find it. Been making campaigns for myself ( no offense but if i put it on hive workshop i will need to make good terrain because everyone in the comments will talk about it. And im BORED to do it ). Anyways when i go in the place this Event is supposed to be i can only see :
    Unit - Specific Unit Event
    Unit - Player-Owned Unit Event
    Unit - Generic Unit Event
    Unit - Unit Enters Region
    Unit - Unit Leaves Region
    Unit - Units Within Range
    Unit - Life
    Unit - Mana
    Im suspicious of something. The CD i had W3 on wasnt a CD with W3 painting on it. It was just a white disk. If the store that sold it to me, wrote it in Internet then apparently im pretty unlucky wasting 25 Euros on it. ( Been YEARS since i bought it ). This might exmplain why i can never play on-line and when i go to while in any of the 2 W3 games it just says that it can't install some updates. Hope there is a solution on the problem. It's the first campaign i worked hard on terrain on 13 maps and now i cant make the win conditions i want. Tried to take a guy with a long channel spell e.g. Drak'thul 15 seconds channel and make it so a gates open when he ends the spell and then a unit of mine enters a region to win the game. But there's a problem. You cant put specific region where the spell must be cast so the gate opens.
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    The event you are looking for is:
    Unit - Generic Unit Event

    The "Any unit dies" is part of that.
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    Oh didnt know thank you.

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