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Mosa Meat — the Dutch company which made the world’s first lab-grown meat burger back in 2013 — has raised $55m in new funding, which it hopes to use to bring the burgers to actual customers.

The funding, led by Luxembourg’s Blue Horizon Ventures, will be used to expand Mosa Meat’s facility in Maastricht into an industrial-sized production line, as well as getting European licences for the products.

The raise comes amid a flurry of interest from investors and consumers for alternative meat products. Much of the early interest has been in companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible making burgers made of plants which look and taste like meat.

But Mosa Meat is creating actual meat, just a type made in a lab rather by a living animal, which is seen as the next frontier in food technology. “In the next 3 years, we aim to scale up to one industrial-sized production line, work with regulators to demonstrate the safety of cultivated meat, and introduce the first cultivated beef to consumers,” Mosa Meat’s head of production Sarah Lucas told Sifted.

The startup now has 50 scientists working on the burgers and they’ve managed to bring the cost of an individual burger down 88 times compared to what it was back in 2013. The first burger cost €250,000 to make – it was funded by Google cofounder Sergey Brin — but the startup now projects that each burger will cost €9.

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