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Chamber Skirmish

I never really got far on a project nor a map, so I have no personal experience in things like those other maps. Well, I guess I wouldn't really lose anything, so let's get to the basics...

It is a 2v2 match, and the objective is to use a power-up's ability to make it effective as you can, which keeps up your score. There will be many power-ups to make the game going, along with heroes. The power-ups don't spawn a huge number, but it should be fair in the small arena which players are confined to. Each player has a limit of one hero, but not units, which are created via power-ups or abilities.

I have only thought of this so all that is done is

I have no idea what the heroes are yet, I just need some ideas coming along.

If anyone helps, they would be credited for it...
Suggestions and criticism are welcome. :)


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I like how the map is simple. I also have a hero idea for you, hope it fits.

Sylphia the Runecaster (Jaina Model):

Sendare - Sets a rune at the target location. Enemy units who step within its radius causes the rune to detonate, dealing damage to all nearby enemy units.

Alpheri - Sets a rune at the target location. Enemy units who step within its radius causes the rune to detonate, stunning all enemies within its area.

Uldritch - Sylphia ignites the runes painted all over her body, damaging any unit, friend or foe, who comes too close. (Based off of Lightning Shield. Cannot be canceled, only dispelled.)

Dominus (Ultimate) - Sylphia summons a portal to the Netherworld right under the enemies' feet, incinerating them with unholy fire and causing severe damage. (Basically just Flamestrike, I'm tapped for ideas right now.)

I tried to keep it simple but interesting. As far as I know, you wouldn't even need to trigger any of her skills. You can change the skills if you want, though. Just dropping off my two cents worth.

Also... good luck with your map, and have fun making it. :thup:
Nice map.. Here's another hero idea coming...

Melanos the Sage
Model: Medivh
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Movement Speed: Fast (320)
Attack Speed: Fast

Venom (Active, Target AoE)
Deals X initial damage to all allies and enemies in a 300 area of effect radius, and poisons them afterwards, dealing X damage per second. Lasts X seconds.
Whirlwind (Active, Target Point)
Creates a small tornado that travels in a line, flinging enemy units it touches to the air and dealing X damage. The units spin in mid-air for X seconds.
Sagacity (Passive)
The Sage doubles the mana cost of all his spells, while making his spells 3 times more powerful. This specialty also increases his mana regeneration and maximum mana.
Deluge (Ultimate, Channeling)
The Sage unleashes the full force of his sagacity by gathering water vapor in the air and creating a pool of water in a 600 AoE radius. All units in the area of effect are drowned, taking X damage per second. Lasts X seconds.
I tried to keep it as simple as possible. You have to trigger these spells though. Btw it's a simple arena, gj. Keep up the good work pare!


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I like maps witch are very simple. There's one hero for you.

Orgium the Hunter
AGI Hero
Movespeed: Medium
Attack Speed: Medium

Call Pet: Calls your pet into Battle. This pet can help you killing enemy's. Pet ability's include: Warcry (+Damage) And Glaw (Small amount of bonus damage when pet strike's with that ability)

Throw Axe: Throw's your axe dealing damage all who hit it.

Net: Throw's net to your target making it unable to move for * Seconds.

[Ultimate] Call the Wildlife: Calls wildlife magically creating stampede of rampaging animals. When enemy hit's animal he takes * Damage, This is not channeling spell

Pretty simple?


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Sounds simple and cool.
Love how all your previous posts here are

Thanks... +Rep or Thanks! +Rep... :D

So have you started on it?



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I pretty much did some terrain, but that's it, I'm lazy, so it may take weeks :(, and I still have two more days of school...


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and I still have two more days of school...
Same here. Anyway, I wish you luck and hope that your laziness will not cause your map to take 7 months just to make some basic stuff and 4 heroes. That's what my map is like, I work around once a week for about an hour XD
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