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Hi guys, I need some help from you to help me with these questions :p
  1. How to change the shockwave damage with hero's attribute*multiplier?
  2. Could we make a spell that deals basic damage+additional damage? For example: Raigor's Fissure, instead of dealing 275 damage it will deals Raigor's damage+Raigor's STR*2.

Thanks in advance :)
1. No easy way. Even if it's possible, it's not efficient. You might as well trigger a custom Shockwave spell on your own. :)

2. Yes, you can. You just need to know how to trigger the Fissure ability and the damage part will be determined by you.

Unit - Cause YourHero to damage (Some Target) (275.00+(Strength of YourHero * 25).... etc
If you don't intend to trigger it, you could use a damage detection system to detect Shockwave damage and deal extras. I think that's even more inefficient.
Hm, I guess you misunderstood what I mean with number 2.
I mean when Raigor cast the fissure, it doesn't deal a fissure's damage+Raigor's STR.
But it will deal Raigor's physical damage + Raigor's STR*2 instead. Yes, Raigor's physical damage is which he used to attack normally.
Physical damage is a lot harder to detect. Firstly because there's no function to find it in triggers, and secondly because it has a range. You could trigger all damage bonuses, set default values and use attributes, but it will be extremely complicated. If you don't know how to use attributes in triggered spells, I honestly do not suggest that you try it out.
If it just dealing damage by hero's attribute plus multiplier, I do understand how it works. What I want is that the hero to do what I said above. But if it is that complicated, then I won't insist about it :) .

By the way, to replace number 1. Instead of changing the shockwave damage, could we make spell from trigger which will damage enemies in line? But not instantly, it would be like shockwave. Travels forward and damaging any enemies it comes to contact with. Is it possible?
I quote vypur.
2. Yes, you can. You just need to know how to trigger the Fissure ability and the damage part will be determined by you.
There are plenty of tutorials on the site, and demo spells aplenty. Take your pick.
well something like this maybe?

first trigger

A unit casts shockwave

create dummy unit at position of triggering unit
add shockwave to lastcreated unit
order to cast at target point of abiliy being cast
set integer = Intelligence of triggering unit
set castingunit = triggering unit

second trigger

event - A unit takes damage

Condition - damage source = dummy unit

Order castingunit to damage triggering unit by 0.1 x Number of intelligence points of castingunit

hope you understand
event - A unit takes damage //this event is invalid cuz is a specific unit event
Specific unit evet : Unit_xxx take damage
event - A unit takes damage //this event is invalid cuz is a specific unit event
Specific unit evet : Unit_xxx take damage

The event isn't invalid. It can be solved easily by creating these two triggers

Time - Elapsed game time is 0.00 seconds

Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units in (Playable map area)) and do (Actions)
Loop - Actions
Trigger - Add to takesdamage <gen> the event (Unit - (Picked unit) Takes damage)


Unit - A unit enters (Playable map area)

Trigger - Add to takesdamage <gen> the event (Unit - (Triggering unit) Takes damage)

I know i didn't wrote that in my first post which makes it a little bit unclear.
Could you please post what the description of the ability is? I'd love to try and trigger great spell ideas. (As long as I get to use it on my own map :3 )
Which ability is it? Both of them?
  1. I wanna make a spell like shockwave, its completely like shockwave but the difference is that the damage dealt is based on the hero's attribute*modifier. The reason I want it to be like shockwave because shocwave doesn't instantly damage the units, instead it travels forward and damaging any unit it comes in contact with.
  2. If its possible, I want to make ability which deals Hero's physical damage+additional damage. Where the additional damage can be from Hero's attribute*multiplier or so.

How's about it keychup? Do you find it challenging :)
Let's see if i got this right:

1. Sends forth a rippling wave which damages foes equal to 1.5/3.0/4.5/6.0 times the user's Strength.

2. Stomps the ground, causing damage to units within 300 range equal to the user's ATK+1.5/3.0/4.5/6.0 times the hero's Strength.
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