Changing the Size of a Special Effect


Not possible, unless you decide to go for model editing, which is not worth the time and space.

Another alternative is to use a unit, and set the unit's model to have the SFX model. Then, change the scale of the unit to your desired size to enlarge the 'SFX'. There will not be sound (you have to trigger this yourself), and probably some other minor effects may not be present. And, to use this effect, you may need to trigger it to appear. I don't think it's possible to add the effect via Object Editor.

And, to spawn the 'SFX', just create the unit and kill it (the unit should have Locust as well):
 Unit - Create 1 YourSFXDummy for someone at somewhere facing anywhere...
 Unit - Kill (Last created unit)
It's almost equivalent as:
 Special effect - Create someeffect somewhere....
 Special effect - Destroy (Last created special effect)
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