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Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin
Tired of doing all the work?
Can't those damn lazy bastards simply find a worthy target of their own?
Why me?

All I ever wanted was playing a good map, and enjoy the bloodbath.
Finally bring some control to the chaos.

In the unlikely event this would apply to you too,
here's a map for doing so.

Chaos Control

A custom map by AceHart.

4 players, free for all, last man standing wins.

You're the, uhm, "Commander of The Great Army(tm)"...
Well, so, you're in charge and no one cares.

The map pretty much plays itself.
Basically, you relax, sit back, push a couple buttons,
and enjoy the general scenery.
Or so.
Something like that.

Then again... you know I don't like maps where nothing happens, right?

Either way, estimated average game time: about 15 minutes.


Replays, as usual, are very welcome.
In case you miss the part where you can save it, the game automatically creates one anyway,
called "Last replay", in your wc3/replays folder.

The map:



Super Moderator
Staff member
I haven't been able to win. ._.
I tried about three times, each time I get swarmed by a computer with about 60 shamans. :p

There's no Q&A :(


basically it's something you know:

grunts -> trolls
trolls -> shamans
shamans -> grunts

on shamans, one click in town hall can bloodlust/heal/curse in mass.

upgrades are worth when you want to upgrade. Their level is capped of course by your town hall level.

there is no food limit on the game.

Raiders do not suffer from the "no micro".

Grunts are good tank, Trolls are good shaman killers, Shamans are good to smash all except Trolls;

when you kill an enemy orc spawn point, it spawns a Tauren (which is imba).

gold is gained periodically.

the 20s upgrade for Grunts/Trolls has no cooldown (unfortunately).
It was a good and fun map +REP

You realise that the AI do not research Upgrades?

When I was going to win, some of my grunts got stuck there but later moved on due to aggro from enemies.

Is there a difference between the difficulties of the computer?

You could have added more units other then those 3, I assume playing with a human player might take forever.

I like the concept very much.

Raiders should be added in as the siege unit.

Instead of summoning raiders, why don't you summon a spirit walker?

I want a Q&A.

The burrow should cost gold or have something to repair since if you lose it It will be so ummm, screwed.

I notice that pushing in early game is a bad idea and you should wait for enemies to come to your area and then spawn ur troops. Anyway to make us not do that?


Starcraft II Moderator
Why orcs....
and why no Q&A ?

Other then that one of the greatest maps I have played in a while, although win is very distant thing for me :p


Staff Member and irregular helper
Staff member
It took a few seconds to figure out what I was supposed to do :p

Loosing a orc burrow early in the game is no problem. I was afraid that I would lose due to not being able to pump enough units, upgrades countered that easily.

Corps explosion is both a life saver and a good way to earn money for a major push.

Middle lane is useless, upgrades isn't.

Game length: 15:57



Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin
Q: Why Orc?
A1: Bigger, greener, more teeth
A2: Because Footmen are boring...

Q: I can't win!
A1: Try human players
A2: Good

Q: By the way, comps don't do research
A: I know

Q: And, what if it lasts longer than the advertised 15 minutes?
A1: You're doing it wrong
A2: Well, than it will take longer...

Q: The Tauren is imba!!!
A: Not really. If you get one, chances are you won't make it anyway

Q: More units!
A: We'll see that

Q: Raiders aren't automagic?
A: They are supposed to be "base defence", like everything that isn't at the top

Q: So, top row: casts, center: general, bottom: save the base?
A: Yep

Q: I see
A: Good

Q: Actually, aren't all of your maps "around 15 minutes"?
A1: My attention span towards mindless carnage has limits :p
A2: Sounds like just the right amount of time to waste

Q: Green always wins!
A: ??? Colors are random...

Q: Ok, it's the one opposite me
A: Coincidence

Q: I lost a Burrow early on, but still won!!!
A: We should meet online. I like easy wins

Q: Middle lane seems less useful
A: Coincidence

Q: No, I mean it!
A: Me too

Q: Why can't I repair my Burrows?
A1: Because
A2: Because that's not there (yet)
A3: Actually, I'm not entirely convinced you should be able to

Q: Will there be an update?
A: Most likely

Q: No Furbolgs? I thought any map of value absolutely must have one!
A: You mean you didn't see him? :(

Q: I hear you like replays?
A: Definitely. They just totally own when it comes to explaining what exactly happened, when, where and why (not)

Q: I can't save one though?
A: There is a "last replay" in your wc3/replays folder (automatically created)

Q: Why wasn't this part posted sooner?
A: There were no questions back then...

Q: Worked last time though
A: So?


Super Moderator
Staff member
You get questions awfully quickly.

Q: Green always wins!
A: ??? Colors are random...

Q: Ok, it's the one opposite me
A: Coincidence
I lol'd at those. People at the Chat would understand why. :D

I think I'll try again soon. Once I've recovered.


SC2 Forum MVP - TheSkunk #386
I thought I had it puased when I went afk awhile, but for some reason I did not, which made me lose a burrow. Which made it harder to win.

But, after 34 mins (I think) I won first try. Not as hard as your other maps against computers, for me. . . I think it was becuase computers didn't upgrade, which is an important thing to do.

Heres the replay. :D

Also, why do raiders have ensnare and pilllage that can never be researched?



New Member
Had to be one of the most fun and unique map i've played in a while.

Some suggestions tho: fix the tooltips for the units. It still says the shaman can learn lightning shield, etc. Also, I think upgrades (particularly the tier upgrade) are a bit expansive.


Starcraft II Moderator
Best Q&A's ever. This time Ace quoted the persons who posted above (including me, yeah I am in the first q :p :p :p :p ) but the coolest ones are thought up by him. The map is pretty fun. AS usuall lacks the ammount of things to make it uber-hot. Then again that is what makes Ace's maps so good: They are perpously not perfect, so that we can have hope :p


Starcraft II Moderator
AceHart owns at almost evrything :p

Well, this map is gonna need a coupple of more versions untill it is brutally ready for play.


The Undead Ranger.
Game Time: 11:28

Interesting game but I thought it was too easy because, red obviously destroyed everyone (and he was opposite of me) and he had 2x the units i had, but because of upgrades, my army could fight them off, AND i barely ever used Heal/Bloodlust


Active Member
This is one of THE BEST war3 maps that i played, and i played a lot. It inspired me so much that i had to do something nice and similar to it. Please go to and try my "survival chaos" map. It is almost completed, but still is in development progress and some things will change.

!!!Thank you, AceHart, for inspireing me!!!


This is one of THE BEST war3 maps that i played, and i played a lot. It inspired me so much that i had to do something nice and similar to it. Please go to and try my "survival chaos" map. It is almost completed, but still is in development progress and some things will change.

!!!Thank you, AceHart, for inspireing me!!!
For a nano second I thought Ace was back and this was his new map.
Then I saw the date...
By the way you spelled "inspireing wrong". there is no e...
Ace wouldnt've been pleased...
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