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Note: Swedish article, translated by yours truly.

A 22-year old man is being charged with disturbing the adhan at the Fittja mosque, south of Stockholm. According to the charges, the man allegedly drove by the mosque in May and honked as the imam called for Friday prayer.

The man is suspected of störande av förrättning (disturbing/prohibiting e.g. religious gatherings), a crime which is punishable by a fine or six months in prison.

The man denies the charges.!zZIUwAUv9DYMo/


meanwhile in sweden
Swedish man charged for honking at mosque ↓ ;)
Prosecutor Christina Weilander filed the charges with Södertörn district court on August 23rd, pertaining to an incident outside the mosque on May 3rd - the second Friday that the mosque used its minaret to broadcast the call to prayer since Swedish police allowed congregation leaders to proceed.

Two witnesses were cited in the document filed with the district court.

The 22-year-old is being charged with "störande av förrättning", the crime of intentionally disrupting a religious or spiritual ceremony - including weddings and funerals. It also outlaws disturbing court cases and certain state proceedings, and is punishable with up to six months in jail according to Sweden's penal code.

Read Moar Here.

Anyway... Jail for that eh? Sounds way too harsh!
The article is slightly misleading in that manner, if this man is actually found guilty he will probably only face fines. Needless to say though, Swedens anti-immigrants are making quite a fuzz
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