Sci/Tech Chemists Detect Olive Oil Fraud

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    Dr. Gregory House was fond of saying, "Everybody lies." In the food industry, that maxim could be modified to, "Everybody cheats."

    Indeed, food fraud is absolutely rampant. In some parts of the world, beef hot dogs may contain buffalo. Cheese labeled Parmigiano-Reggiano may not be authentic. Phony seafood is especially notorious. And now, new research indicates that extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) may not be the pure, wholesome maiden you've been anticipating for your dinner night.

    Virgin olive oil is oil that has been extracted from olives via pressing and has not been processed in any way, such as by adding chemicals or heat. To be declared "extra-virgin," the oil must contain 1% oleic acid or less.

    How much of the EVOO on grocery store shelves doesn't meet the definition of "extra-virgin"? About half. According to a report in Forbes, studies show 55% of the olive oil in the U.S. is phony, 46% in France, and 45% in Italy. In February of this year, Italian police busted the mafia for exporting fraudulent olive oil.

    Science is now fighting back. In new a study, Tunisian researchers have used standard chemistry techniques to identify counterfeit olive oil.

    Read more here. (American Council on Science and Health)
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    Damn, Is there any ethical left in large businesses these days?
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    I am unsure if this is serious....

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