News China’s rich and wealthy developing taste for human breast milk


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Xinxinyu, a domestic staff agency in Shenzhen, near Hong Kong, allows adult clients to drink directly through breastfeeding or via a breast pump ‘if they feel embarrassed’.

Wet nurses for adults are paid four times the Chinese average at around 16,000 yuan (£1,700) a month and those who are ‘healthy and good looking’ could earn even more, company owner Lin Jun told the Southern Metropolis Daily.

Beliefs are held in some part of the country that human breast milk is the easiest and most digestible form of nutrition for those who are ill.

However, this bizarre new trend has sparked outrage and disgust amongst web users with many condemning the practice as unethical.

An online poll found that 90 per cent of people voted against the service claiming it ‘violated ethical values, while ten per cent of those who took part said it was ‘normal business practice’.

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Why is it unethical? Are the woman "forced" into this?
If they do it voluntarily I dont have any problem with it...
I thought it's more like you're just buying fresh human breast milk that was squeezed in front of your eyes from a female breast into a cup for a high price..., and not directly drinking/sucking it directly from a female breast.
[...] and not directly drinking/sucking it directly from a female breast.

Aw, but where would be the fun in that? Drinking breast milk sounds gross, but I've got no complaints about titty-suckin'.
Seriously, why don't you prostitute yourself!. And you will see! ^
I don't hire prostitutes but I don't see anything wrong with them doing their stuff.
If they are happy with it, get decent pay, doesn't involve AIDS/HIV, get medial healthcare, have insurances, and doesn't involve death/crime, I am fine with sucking for breast milk, even if it's unethical..
True story:
A town near to where i live was trying to ban prostitution within city limits. However, court ruled that it would be illegal to ban prostitution and the town had to pay the prostitutes for damages.
Was quite funny back then.
I think it's not that bad. I mean, cow milk is meant for cows, and human milk is meant for humans. Now, we all drank breast milk as babies. Some people just like to relive (or um, get horny) their past experiences, and get some nutrition in the meantime. That's not so bad.
Plus, human milk IS very nutritious.
It is not unethical. The women are not being forced to do this.
If massages are legal, then this should also be legal.
If prostitution is legal, then this should definitely be legal.
Nature's designs have done little to stop us from doing as we please.
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