World China has banned women from modeling lingerie on online shopping livestreams — so men are doing it instead


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China's livestream shopping scene is a booming industry that is projected to be worth more than $700 billion by this year, according to Statista.

The industry is said to account for about 10% of the country's e-commerce revenue, according to McKinsey.

Livestreams featuring females modeling lingerie have had a history of being promptly shut down and banned as a result of China's law against spreading obscene material online.

To work around this ban, some of these businesses have recently started hiring male models to flaunt women's lingerie. One of the first broadcasts was held last December.

Some Chinese netizens are amused by this attempt at dodging the loophole. "The guy wears it better than the girl," a comment on a video clip of the livestream on Douyin — China's TikTok — garners almost two hundred likes.


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This is quite funny. It will be quite effective too imho LOL!
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