World China: Sleeping woman menaced by sinkhole after bedroom collapses in heavy rain; Now missing

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    The woman’s husband discovered his wife missing when he went to check on her on Saturday morning, the Hunan province-based news portal reported.

    When he entered the room he found a three-square-metre hole in the floor and his wife, 45-year-old Chen Jiaoyang, gone, the report said.

    The couple lives in Shizhuling, a village in the city of Lianyuan, which had been hard hit by heavy rains over the previous two days.

    Rescue teams launched a search for the missing woman – digging to a depth of 15 metres – but the work had to be called off when conditions became too dangerous. Their excavations in the sodden ground even led to the partial collapse of another property, the report said.

    Rescue workers also used life detection equipment in a bid to find the missing woman, but to no avail, it said.

    An expert was quoted as saying that the collapses were due to the fact that the houses were built on top of a network of caves and underground waterways.

    Read more here. (South Morning China Post)

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