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Results can be found [thread=86179]here[/thread].


In this contest you may submit a movie made in World Editor. There are several rules to follow when posting your submission however there is no theme to this contest. If ten or more submissions will be posted medals may be used as an award. If not the reward would be some reputation from me and whoever else wishes to.

Thread Rules
  • Before posting make sure your post contributes to the thread. This means flames and spams are not to be posted here. Posts which will be found useless will be deleted.
  • Do not argument with the current rules of the contest. They are done, as in they are not changing. If you feel what you have to say it absolutely important, send me a private message.
  • Posting several posts which don't follow the rules are will cause you to lose reputation and be disqualified from the contest.
  • Do not enter unless you are actually planning to submit something!

Submissions Rules
  • You may post only ONE submission though you may change it up to one day before the deadline.
  • The deadline is at 3.14.08. Three weeks from today [GMT + 12].
  • The cinematic posted should not be over 5 minutes long.
  • You must post your submission in a *.w3x or *.w3m format only. Keep the map unprotected.
  • No imports.
  • The theme is free; meaning your cinematic can be whatever you want, from a music clip to a pure comedy movie.
  • You may use any system while coding, however full credits must be given to the creator.
  • GUI, Jass, and vJass all may be used.


Each submission's grade would be determined by 50% from a public poll and 50% by me. When grading I will consider the following aspects:

The Movie (50%)
  • Good - Basically, how good is the movie? Did I enjoy watching it?
  • Originality - How original is the movie?
  • Directing - How well did you direct the movie?
  • Script - If there is any storyline, how good is it? For example, do the dialogs tend to be long and boring or rather, dramatic and interesting?
Coding (35%)
  • Leaks & Bugs - Any leaks or bugs in your code?
  • Readability - Did you keep the coding readable enough for others to understand it?
  • Systems - How many systems did you use? Too many would make you lose points.
  • Efficiency - How efficient is your code? Do you make simple things in pages over pages of code or keep everything short and sweet?
Other (15%)
  • Unique Features - Any nice unique features you added to make it easier to watch the movie? For example pause/play feature, or save current location feature, etc. Use your imagination!
  • Personal Feeling - How do I feel about your submission in general?

  1. Mastah_ - Cinamatic
  2. Knight7770 - Cinematic Contest ~ Dalaran Ruins Invasion v3
  3. Kazuga - cinematic
  4. Exide - Battle of the Mountain - Cinematic Contest
  5. Black rock - DotACinematic
  6. Bronxernijn - The Woodcutter And The Undead
As I got my Warcraft back to work, because of the new patch..

I was planning to make a cinematic. For this contest I am unable to write the whole cinematic, so this is going to be more like a trailer.. sort of..

I hope we get enough people enter here :)!
Hmm... sounds fun.

I haven't done all too many cinematics, but maybe I will give it a try

Note: maybe
> Could it still be possible to use own created models/effects?
No, no imports.
As in, the list in the import manager must be empty.
The rules force you to be extremely creative with what you're doing. It sounds like a lot of fun, but I can't join :( I'd love to see the winner, though.

Good luck to all participants!

EDIT: This post is now wrong. I am in fact in the contest.
Another clarification by the way, what are "Medals"?
> what are "Medals"?

Something (special) awarded to someone after winning some contest.
The <medal> appears in your user-profile, just to show-off your coolness :)

Check out AceHart's profile for more info.

EDIT: Ace did have one, now it's gone, somewhere.
There is a reason why the are no imports.
Imports can make the map size huge.
In addition if custom models were allowed it was simply a matter of who can find the best looking model.

It is really not that hard to do without imports.

> Please sign me up Rheias.

Contestants list was removed. I would add only people who actually post something. Glad to hear you are joining though. :)
( i am of course asuming i can 1) post now and 2) post here :) )
Ok heres my cinamatic

its a don't ask / wtf / comedy thing

well..err yea... just watch and enjoy!!

( i know i prolly won't win but i saw it and thought...hey why not bit o fun :p)

EDIT: Changed ending a lil bit
EDIT2: Same as above... and lil extra before... (hehe)
(EDIT3: actually added the updated version...tehehe must've clicked close window before re-adding :p)
EDIT4: <lightbulb> (idea :p)
FINAL EDIT (yea no more changes): added more
Btw thanks to all you people who enjoyed it and gave good reviews!! :)

(You know Doogle asks the question you all want to ask :p)
You can press escape to exit. (useful if your running it again for 2nd option and you get to the part you've seen (elf))


  • Cinamatic.w3x
    43.9 KB · Views: 319
Haha, I loved your cinematic mastah ^^ It got me inspired to make one myself, I'm defenetly in!:p
I'm going to enter this contest. I've been working on the map for a few hours, and even though it's nowhere near done yet, I'm going to post what I have. Enjoy, and comment :D
Nice that two have submitted maps already, as I've only made few triggers and about 600 points large terrain piece, and the cinematic lasts for about 8 seconds? Or it lasts as long as you want.. because there is scene selection in the startup.
knight7770, your movie was sort of confusing, it was really well made with camera and such but the story was like a punch in the face (still this is only me talking), also the time on the textmessages was sort of to short. But I shoudn't complain since mine sucks compared with yours :p.

Here is the one I'm currently working on (note: it's far from finnished, just want to know what people think of it this far).

Edit: Fixed the freezing thing.
It can't be more than 5 minutes.

Kazuga: it's coming along nicely, but there's one point where Lisa and Maria just freeze. They don't just not move; they aren't even floating. Fix that?

EDIT: I fixed a few minor things in my map (but I haven't gotten past the climax yet). Enjoy and comment!
I liked it, too.
Bit short, but cool, however.

One thing if I may suggest, would be to work more on the terrain;
when the Blademaster destroys the set it looks he's on a football field.

a football field??? What u mean?

Kazuga that was abit like mine... just a wtf? lol... no it was good but what was up with the kid and the rabbit?

knight7770 i thought yours had a good story but the text went to fast at the bottom i would only be half way through by the time it changed (during the bit lore keeper at start where he talks about dalaran) also i could see no change in the shield when it was supposedly turned off ...

common thing in both is i didn't know when it end ... good thing isto say something and not let them just stand there... if its incomplete thats ok if plannin on doin it :)

these are just my ideas you have no reason take any of them but yea :) they good :)
>what was up with the kid and the rabbit?
If you have watched hentai/cartoon you might have noticed that they often have something that has nothing to do with nothing when it becomes complete silence under a conversation, it's just an addit to make it a little more fun to watch:p. My cinematic is now almost done since I have 5 minutes allready, there is just some changes I want to make and also if you want me to change something that's completely wrong or boring. Please comment :rolleyes:.

>common thing in both is i didn't know when it end ... good thing isto say something and not let them just stand there...
Well mine wasn't finnished when I upploaded that verision :p.
>Kazuga that was abit like mine...
Well yes I was inspired by you, and also, I started up making a huge battle against humans and orcs but later I thought it wasn't that fun just watching units kill eachother when you instead can controll them in a normal game... Sure it would be fun if there was alot of cool special effects etc but I don't really know if I'm capable of making special effects that fits into a great war...
> I could see no change in the shield although...
That's just because of the camera angle. I'll change it in the next version. But if you look closely at the shield, you'll notice that it gets less thick at a certain point. That's where it's turned off.

P.S. Mine doesn't have an ending yet. I'm too lazy to do it today :p
good ending Kazuga, but what was with the zombie?? "Coolest looking dude"? lol ok nvm don't answer that :p

also noticed lotta typos and why did every time maria spoke it was always highlighting lisa...was really confusing ... lol
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