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Discussion in 'General Webmaster Support' started by DDRtists, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. DDRtists

    DDRtists ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ ɹǝdns Staff Member

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    Well, I'm going to try my hand at one of these "Classrooms" everyone seems to be interested in.

    What you will get out of my class?
    Learn to code basic HTML/CSS layouts, making good looking layouts, and if you take the PHP portion, making a basic Comment script for people to comment on your page.

    How long does class last?
    This class will be a 2 week, online only thing. You may IM me if you have major problems, not just to help you with your work. Thats what google is for. :)

    Lesson Plan:

    Part 1 - The Basic HTML Codes
    Part 2 - About Me site Layout
    Part 3 - Your First Full Layout
    Part 4 - Easy Javascript Effects
    Final Project - Full Site Layout, About Me, with Javascript effects

    Option Plans:
    Part o1 - Add a Comment Script to your Site ( Requires PHP and MySQL )

    When does this start?
    Tomorrow night ( Friday Night, here ). Couldn't tell you when it is your time, sorry. I will post lessons when I make them.

    Whos taking this with me?
    master maste
    Mr Zero

    What will I get out of this?
    By taking this class, you should be able to create basic websites that look decent, and best of all, work. If enough people are interested, might make a few harder classes after. :)

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  2. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    Your doing good I hope you enjoy :)

    Just Remember

  3. New_U.S.

    New_U.S. ITS OVER 9000!

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    I'm interested
    (here just a question, will learning this make it so I can do my own custom myspace layout?)
  4. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    If myspace has codes inside of it (I don't have a myspace :p )
  5. Pineapple

    Pineapple Just Smile.

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    Sign me up!
  6. DDRtists

    DDRtists ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ ɹǝdns Staff Member

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    New_U.S., if you learn HTML/CSS, it will be MUCH easier to make Myspace Layouts, yes. :)
  7. hobo218

    hobo218 Meh

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    I'll try it out I guess.
    Sounds interesting.
  8. pheonixashes

    pheonixashes Those who misplace trust in gods learn their fate.

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    Excellent class, DDRtists, +rep.

    As always, send me a copy of your lesson, blah blah blah...
    I'm getting tired of saying this.

    I'm in, btw.
  9. Oninuva

    Oninuva You can change this now in User CP.

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  10. master maste

    master maste New Member

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    I'll join, these class ideas are really good.
  11. undeadorcjerk

    undeadorcjerk The Ulitimate Lurker

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    yay more classes, sign me up
  12. Mr Zero

    Mr Zero Junior Regular (Got the T-shirt)

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    Count me in.
  13. Tonks

    Tonks New Member

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    I'd like to sign up. This is something I've been interested in learning for a while, now.
  14. IKilledKEnny

    IKilledKEnny Guest

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    100% want to join.
  15. Andrewgosu

    Andrewgosu The Silent Pandaren Helper Staff Member

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    Sign me up also. It's about time I should take up learning html and css.
  16. DDRtists

    DDRtists ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ ɹǝdns Staff Member

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    I will post the first lesson later today. :)
  17. Jindo

    Jindo Self

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    So where exactly are these lessons? msn or an actual meeting? :D.

    I'm interested, although I already know a little CSS and alot of HTML, I could always improve, plus I just wanna see how it goes, if you make harder things about PHP I'd sure as hell participate <3.

    Look forward to it :)!
  18. monoVertex

    monoVertex I'm back!

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    Count me in. I know HTML and CSS, but I'd like some actual lessons because I've learned by myself and I've might have missed a lot of stuff :).
  19. Ur-Quan

    Ur-Quan Guest

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    First and First:
    Do I need any programs to do this?
    Where can I get them?
    Are they free?

    I'm in.
    I want to make me a site custom made for a long time :D.
  20. monoVertex

    monoVertex I'm back!

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    Notepad :p.
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