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I'll join, sure, but I'm not very active lately, just take that into account.


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Only 4 at the moment and I would like at least 5 before I put all this work into teaching screenplays.


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Dare I say bump?

As more and more time passes I want to make one of these more and more. :) This isn't entirely dead is it?


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III) Screenplay writing has no rules. All that is written here is not constant and is very personal. What I'm writing is simply my own thoughts, and things that I learned through reading and learning in school.
This is where I disagree with you.


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Sounds contradicting for some reason.

anyway, writing have any rules, per se. I could write a book and not use commas or periods or capitals, but you think anyone would read it?? the rules are rules used automatically, else it isn't writing.

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I'll join that makes 5 people right? I will be mostly keeping an eye on this as I am in the middle of exams atm so its a little busy, but I'll still come in :)

also you could mention that this stuff would be good for people wanting to make good warcraft cinematics.
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