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Climate change is on track to interfere with tomato production—and could be especially bad news for fans of ketchup, pizza sauce and other processed tomato products.

According to a study published in Nature Food, rising temperatures are projected to lower yields around the world for "processing tomatoes"—the cultivar used in ketchup and other tomato products. By 2050, the global supply of processing tomatoes is expected to decrease by 6% compared to the study's baseline of 1990–2009, with Italy's crop being among the hardest hit.

"The processing tomatoes are grown in the open fields, which means that we cannot control the environment in which they grow. This makes the production vulnerable to climate change," said lead author Davide Cammarano, a professor at Aarhus University.

Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin, Purdue University, the University of Salerno, the University of Florida, and NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies also collaborated on the study.

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