AoS ClockRing Open-Team AOS BETA.01


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Off-topic: Maybe ALL my internet explorer screwed up, can't see thehelpers spoilers including other forums.

Downloading the map rightnow...:thup: +rep


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Beta 4 posted!! Lots of changes... took a long time to customize all the Heroes. Also I have a trigger-problem posted in Post #2 of the thread... getting lots of good reviews from people on Bnet!


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Nice, new update :)
BTW, I have a cool suggestion. Perhaps you could give players bonuses whenever its a certain time.
For example, a player controls the topmost Clock Tower. He/she will gain some gold whenever its 12 o'clock. It would be pretty cool, something like "Your Clock Tower synchronised with the time, granting you extra gold."


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Long hiatus - I have been playing lots of League of Legends.

If anyone is interested, I will be playing ClockRing (Version 6) at about 11pm western time tonight! (US EAST Server!) I have about 6 real friends coming, so if a few people from here can show up, that would be great.

The map now has many inspirations from League of Legends. (Shops by genre, Buff-rewards for killing Neutrals)

Whisper Lma on US EAST Server.


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I have never bumped this thread, although updated the first post a few times. I just published Beta 13 - pretty advanced... just implemented Ability Power from League of Legends, anyway... holler at me at Youtheart in League of Legends if you want to play.
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