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Hey im making a new TD called Color Tower Defence, its sorta like Element TD only its not solo. Now i need some feedback guys, plz no flaming though. Critizism is ok, but no flaming. I give credits to AceHart for the bank system, i edited it quite a bit but the full system was from him. I have bank system, one tower six lvls, 4 levels, leader board, sell system, and other stuff! Test it and see what.
Color Tower Defence Alpha 0.5
Change Log
  • Added a Show Range Ability
  • Added a Basic Red Tower and a Blue Tower with two upgrades!
  • Added 6 levels including a Boss Level and Air Level!
  • Fixed and Added Much, Much, More! Download it and try it!
Alpha 0.5View attachment 23407


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My Elemental TD is not solo, it is a team of 6 players, gonna test soon, just go supper and will give you advices!


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My Elemental TD is not solo, it is a team of 6 players, gonna test soon, just go supper and will give you advices!
He's not talking about your Elemental TD, he's talking about the real Elemental TD; the one under Affiliate Sites.


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Uh... Probably The Don's is Elemental TD, and Fire-Wolf, it's Element TD, anyway, I'll DL the map then try it on the Weekend rofl.


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maybe he has a different GMT?

but meh, soz, thought it was mine since the real is element TD!


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I tested, but seriously, you'll have things to do on it!


1- Your bank idea works very well, it is extrmely good
2- The whole idea is nice, the pathing also but should add more then 4 players with all the space you have in the map.
3- Good display, layout and text.


1- Icons are extremly ugly, change that, it automaticly give me this though: A noob made this map!!!.
2- It pass from basic tower 2 to 4.
3- we earn way too much gold after every round.
4- make a trigger that stop spawning the units when a player's controller is not agual to user.
5- Delete these 2 towers at the end, in a TD, you need to be the one who do the job, if you leak, it's your problem, and you need to be able to leak
6- make more design in the line since your map is VERY PLAIN.
7- try to make more waves and more towers before making a BETA/ALPHA
8- Your timer window always reads ''level 1 in:''
9- Try to make noobish units at the beginning, rats are good but it automaticly goes to boats which are advanced units, try making rats, sheep, dogs, chiken, etc...
10- There is not enought map info in this post, maybe screenshots, more description about the waves, towers, how it works, etc...
11- Your basic towers get way too big at level 4, if you want to upgrade them so they look cool, make it that way: ''scaling value level 1: 100, level 2: 105/110, level 3: 110/115, level 4: 115/120, and the darker tint is to reduce all colors by 5/10 each level, ex: level 1: r-255, b-255, g-255, level 2: r-250/245, b-250/245, g-250/245.'' You get the point.

That's it, hope i helped.

And no, i'm not bad or anything, i only want you to improve your map so it looks cool for other players, can't wait for alpha 3.0!

PS, take your time dude, nothing need to be done soooo fast, a long, waited, greatly done map is the way to have it hosted on a lot of time.


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Cool thanks i need critizism to help me improve on this stuff, ok ill get right on those. Alpha 0.3 should be out between today and tomorrow ^_^. I cant assure ill fix the icons cuz i dont really see whats wrong with em other than there plain.


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yeah, you have 2 choices:

1- Download icons from the internet that use red, blue, green, purple, yellow and other colors as background color. You can even make them (even if you made the last) but way nicer please!

2- Pick icons from the actual WC3 that have red, green, blue, etc... colors as background!


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oops, sorry, didtn knew that, thought it was fully done but testing before release!

meh, gonna test this map tonight!


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Any feedback on Alpha 0.3? Common guys i need stuff to work on other than towers and levels


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- all the same from my first review

Cons (since i can't get past level 1):

- Like i said, make a trigger that stop unitspawn ir red/blue/teal/green controller equal to ''is not playing''. That way, if you solo it, creeps will only spawn at players playing spot.
- Give more starting gold and make the tower cost a lil more and have a better damage/seconds, it is too hard to pass the first wave!
- Please, change the icons, it is disgusting, lol!
- Other cons and pros cannot be given since i can't get past level 1 because there are 20 creeps in each corners and i get all the corners leaks.
- Your blue research takes a keep as a requirement, remove it please!

Here is what i was talking about when i said make it for more players and change the pathing (all the triggers've been updated so it fits with the new spawns! and all is working, don't be afraid, you wont have to fix anything, try the map before saying there is something you don't like):



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Wow.. That looks great!! I'll be sure to add you in credits, thx man, i'll add the spawn only where player is k? thx again.


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No problem friend, i'm here to help (reputation would be apreciated lol)


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- same as the 2 first
- Nice terrain
- Good job with the blue tower
- Nice waves


- Make blue research upgrade faster (it takes a lot of time and after, it give a strange ability lol!)
- Still change the icons (tell me if you want me to do it for you LOL!)
- Make the basic towers shoot faster or stronger, it is very hard to kill units. too rigged for them lol!
- Make sell ability
- make more levels, i'm tired of dojng the same 4 (dont come up with new alpha until you reach level 10 minimum)
- Make more colors soon
- Give information at the beginning of the map.
- Maybe set difficulty (easy, normal, hard). That way, players can decide how they want to play their game!
- Change that Glass ball for future level, it's the same as boat, too rigged for now.
- Maybe some quest infos about the map?

(PS, to give reputation, it is the little balance next to the ''!'' mark top right of my or your helper's posts)


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i would love if you did the buttons for me, it would not only give +rep but also you would be in the big credits inside the quests. (right now its just in the lil credits untill i get around to making the help log. (i need regular buttons and attack type buttons plz. ^_^)
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