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The Lurker

"The Lurker" is a comic written by myself and drawn currently by vypur85. There are weekly strips which are posted in the Prose of the Week, in the Writers' Corner. (The style of the drawing changes because Smith_S9 quit, and vypur replaced him.) This is the archive of strips so far. Enjoy :thup:

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#1: First Day

#2: Constructive Comments

#3: Other People May Be There to Help Us

#4: Reject All Help

#5: A Thread Can Die But Once

#6: Requiescat In Pace, Dominus Noster AceHartus

By Romek:

#7: The Black Panda

#8: Told You So

Special #1: Dialog Boxes

Review by Pineapple for PotW:
Lets start things off with last weeks Comic, The Lurkers ‘Dialog Boxes’ Now there is two things that come to my mind when I read the title, people talking and boxes. I was highly disappointed with the lack of boxes in the strip. Without those boxes its not even a real comic. Moving along then, the second frame. What is he doing? Is his arm turned 180 degrees or something? That looks painful! Like, seriously. Ouch. Another things, did the bolded text need to be orange? Really? Did it? Really? Like, seriously? For real? As well the comics writing was highly original and well thought out idea that must have taken a long time to come up with, takes real brains to make that. Oh, wait.

I’ll give that comic a rating of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

#9: Rite of JASSage

Review by Pineapple for PotW:
Lets start this off with last weeks comic again, “Rite of JASSage” Now. As a person who doesn’t know JASS the first thing I thought of was, “God damn, I really want some cookies or something, I think there are some in the cupboard but I may have eaten them…” Anyway, the script was the type of script that if it was a vegetable it would be a potato. I really don’t think that needs any more explaining. Now the artwork was decent, but what was with The Lurkers hand in the last frame? His left hand looked like a sticker pasted onto his head by small penguins with thumbs.

I guess I have to give the comic a rating of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

#10: BJs Will Get You Banished

Review by Pineapple for PotW:
Lets get everything kicked off again with last weeks comic, “Banished”. Overall, I love bread, sliced bread is even better, so the writing gets a thump up I guess. The artwork was quite good this time around, nothing seemed particularly off. Now the downside? I don’t know any JASS. I don’t use WE. I don’t get it. Yeah, he got banned, but what’s with the “bj_”? The comic is good, but I quit the world editor long ago so lots of these Warcraft based gags I’m not going to get.

So perhaps I’m not the targeted audience for this comic, I can still give it a rating of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Special Strip #2: IDEAs

seph ir oth

Mod'n Dat News Jon
Staff member
The comics are well made!

I don't mean to drag you away from your theme here, but surely if you write based on a broader theme other than TH.net you guys could really pick up good intertube traffic :thup:


Super Moderator
Staff member
Coloured this today. :)



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You may not stop this project. I'll do something radical if you do.
Yes sir!

I wasn't planning on stopping it anytime in the future. I was even prepared to use sprites to make them if I couldn't find an artist.


Анна Ахматова
Knight, could you upload the comic here after every Saturday or Sunday to archive the comic instead of having another portal for your comic. I'm afraid some of my readers will get bored of Prose of the Week eventually, so a comic should keep people entertained during the toil of updates.

Also, I really love all the articles my members send me. They're all filled with so much character and information. It keeps me up to date and keeps me happy. I'm just a bit concerned about not having a comic or being ignored by some readers because it's much easier to view the comic here.

I support your idea for an archive, but please keep it an archive. Maybe you can post a comic here after the last issue expires. Just a thought.



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I'll always send the comic to Prose and wait until Prose is out before posting it here. This is strictly an archive, and not for posting new comics. I'll be sure to only add a strip here if the Prose after that strip was in is or is about to be released. :thup:


Staff member
Awesome, both the artists did great jobs.

Romek, that coloring is really well done. :thup:


Super Moderator
Staff member
Those are amazing. Great work :)

I love the AceHart one :p


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Updated first post with The Black Panda. :) (Also in Prose of the Week; read it!)
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