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Discussion in 'Systems and Snippets' started by quraji, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. quraji

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    Not sure why you'd need that. But, the Args struct is public so you could make your own if you like the interface.

    [ ljass] [ /ljass] without the spaces.
  2. quraji

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    I'm thinking of changing the way to use this from:
    // uses eval
    function onCmd takes Args args returns nothing
        // do stuff
    // to :
    // uses exec
    function onCmd takes nothing returns nothing
        local Args args = GetCommandArgs() // or something
        // stuff
        call DestroyArgs(args) // call args.destroy()
    // I haven't actually looked at this system since it got approved so 
    // there might be a reason why it's not like this, but probably not.

    Not sure why I did the first to begin with, it's kinda weird (as far as the takes Args args thing).

    Anyone actually use this yet? (or try it?) :p
  3. Jesus4Lyf

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    Alternative is:
    struct MyCommandStruct extends Args
        implement Command
        private method onCommand takes nothing returns nothing
            // do things with "this", which is your args.
            // it is possible, like this, to fire it with execute AND destroy args when the method
            // finishes firing, even if it uses TriggerSleepAction.
        private static method onInit takes nothing returns nothing
            set this.triggerString="give"

    Up to you. I don't like the idea of manually destroying.
  4. quraji

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    If anyone at all is using or has used this I'd like some feedback on the interface...I'm kind of torn about whether to change it or not.
  5. tooltiperror

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    This is such an awesome system, I love it. Even though I plan on remaking it in Vanilla JASS :thup:

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