Health Concerns growing over superbugs in our food


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About two years ago, dozens of workers at a large chicken hatchery in Arkansas began experiencing mysterious skin rashes, with painful lumps scattered over their hands, arms, and legs.

"They hurt real bad," says Joyce Long, 48, a 32-year veteran of the hatchery, where until recently, workers handled eggs and chicks with bare hands. "When we went and got cultured, doctors told us we had a superbug."



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The media does do a good job scaring people these days. Anyways I shouldn't be concerned, Europe has very strict food regulations.


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I'm more worried about the superbugs running rampant in hospitals. People may say that the NHS is a great thing we should be thankful for, but the way it's run is terrible and the risk of catching a superbug is not one I would like to take.

Gunshot wound? You can treat me right here in my kitchen, thanks.

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I wouldn't worry when it comes to eating chicken. If you properly cook the meat/egg/feathers (joke) you will be fine.

However, if those hicks spread around that super bug they created by moseying out in public, my GOD, I will smite them! :p


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People ask me why I'm a vegetarian.
Why? If it's cuz of things like these...I eat meat and I'm fine so I don't really see a reason.

Nothing to worry about, these things are never really worth the worry.


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C'mon.... tell me I'm not the only one who didn't think of mutated Cockroaches when they said SuperBug?

Or one of them arachnids from Starship troopers.


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Seems like I was the only one who thought superbug was some kind of giant mutated insect...

Edit: Apparently Bartuc08 agrees with me :)


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S. aureus is part of the skin flora and in some cases so is MRSA. A proportion of people who have this species as part of their skin flora shed it.

Nothing special. Working with raw meat bare handed and poor hygiene is the issue here. The media just likes to make an uproar.
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