US News Connecticut Becomes One of the First States to Require Schools to Teach Climate Change


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Connecticut schools will soon be required to teach students about climate change thanks to a new state law.

The new law requires every school district within the state to teach climate change education in line with the Next Generation Science Standards. The mandate was included within the state’s budget implementer bill.

The mandate requires Connecticut public schools to integrate lessons on human-caused climate change into their regular science curriculum starting in July 2023.

Through the curriculum, students will gather an understanding of how human activities have influenced changes in the climate, how the changing climate and its adverse effects can impact populations, and learn about possible climate solutions and their related costs, reliability, and socio-environmental impacts. Fifth-grade, eighth-grade, and eleventh-grade students are tested on climate change.

While 90 percent of the state’s schools already teach about climate change, mandating climate education ensures it will not become a victim of budget cuts or be cut due to wavering political will or those who claim climate change is a hoax, explains State Representative Christine Palm, Vice Chair of the Environment Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly. Palm has been working to pass this legislation since 2018.

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