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Conquest is a turn based minigame where 2 players compete against each other, start off by selecting the units that will form your group and then buy commands to help you win
when both players are ready, the battle begins, the light squad takes the first turn, one turn consists of the following:
- selection phase
- movement phase
- battle phase
- end phase

every type of unit has its own movement, damage and attack range

for every new turn you get, you get 25 command points, command points are required to use the commands you bought, command points can also be gained by killing the opponent units

to win, eliminate the opposing force

Hey guys, I made this map based off a minigame in a MMORPG, please note that i made this map of pure boredom :eek:

the map can be found here:



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Nice, i like the idea.

But I hate that you've been lazy and not post any screenies. I want that now! :p

No srsly, do it. Sounds great btw


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Ok. First you might want some pro terrainer to help you terrain. Looking at the picture its just dirt and grass and boundary. Not very interesting. If it was maybe more would play it.


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There is no dirt, it looks dirt in the map preview but it is covered with black and white marble tiles, just like the chess board


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Change the name to checkers? No that's been taken.

I'd name the map Warchess if I were you ^^

Btw, nice terraining. Simple, and yet great


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Checkers is a game of skill. Wait Chess or Checkers.

Each player gets 3 rows of lined up "checkers" that are circles that you move diagonally. You can choose which color to play on; Black or White then you can jump others and double jump, triple etc and First one to lose all of your pieces loses.
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