Console gamers literally are too dumb to play this kind of game (tactical shooter)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Slapshot136, Mar 15, 2012.

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    "The biggest thing is tension. You've been given a scenario. It's non-linear. You've made decisions on where to go, where to place your guys, getting ready to go in. You don't know what's in there. A real [hostage rescue] team doesn't always know where everything is. There's only a few enemies, but you don't know where they are. If they get the drop on you, they're going to kill you. There is an element of reflex to it, but a lot of it is just proper planning and observation and figuring out your situation. But even if you do everything right, it doesn't mean you are going to succeed. "

    And what happened when he pitched his tactical shooter to publishers? Mind you, he was one of the top designers on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Halo Reach.

    The pitch hasn't gone so well. "It's like pitching a flight sim," Allen says. And the publishers rattle off the excuses: "'It's a super-vocal audience.' 'They don't buy a lot of games.' 'They buy one game a year.' 'Console gamers are too impatient; they won't play this kind of game.' Console gamers literally are too dumb to play this kind of game.'

    I somewhat agree with that statement..
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    Nowdays there is minimal strategy in shooter types of games, people just run in and shoot as many enemies as possible.

    I can think of a few games that have brought in systems for suppression and hidding behind covers etc.

    But nothing "too tactical", people get bored of those games too fast.

    Gamers are simply lazy, and dont wan't to think. (Most, not all)

    Successful games are generally the straightfoward ones, that players dont have to think too much about. I can't think of any popular 'puzzle' game off the top of my mind, can you?
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    Starcraft 2 is rather complex. Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 were not very "easy" either.
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    It is not like PC gamers are much more clever. Mostly the myth about that comes from the times when you had to manually patch your entire OS to even start a game.
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    but those aren't console games, those are PC games - and even on the few RTS games that are on a console (red alert for example), microing units is near impossible, you are reduced to just a-move with a large army, and whoever has the larger army wins
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    Most of the FPS games right now are very fast-paced. It takes a special set of skills (and good teamwork) in order to stand out of an FPS game like Soldier Front, Call of Duty or any Battlefield game. In the FPS games nowadays, it is not a matter of just being able to do it and finish a mission (ie. a player completes a complex hostage rescue mission and goes "Thank God I've made it!"), but rather it is a matter of being the better or best at doing it (ie. very high Kill/Death ratio and headshot count).

    Think of the participants in an Skeet Shooting contest. Do they have to mentally figure out the challenges that lie ahead of them? No, the only thing they need to back themselves up is lots of practice, experience and a sharpened skill and deadly accuracy. So I think people shouldn't say that console gamers are dumb (unless that player's an arrogant noob who thinks that he's greater than others). Some are lazy, or some just don't consider tactical shooters as their cup of tea, who knows? Either way I find both tactical shooters and fast-paced shooters to be entertaining!

    With regards to this article, I really miss playing the Rainbow Six games, back when I was a kid. Yes, tactical shooters were the first kinds of shooters I've played in my life, even before I was aware of Half-life or Counter-strike.

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