[CONTEST] Texturing Competition 4

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Texturing Contest 4

Texturing is the application of a 2D picture on a 3D model.

This contest's theme is High Elves. Click the words High Elves for more information. You may skin any unit, building, or hero into a high elf unit, building, or hero.

  • The model you are skinning must exist in Warcraft 3 already.
  • No models edits are allowed.
  • The skin you made must be made for the contest, no skins made before the contest are allowed
  • One WIP (Work In Progress) must be posted in this thread for final submission to be valid.
  • Skin resolution may be doubled. (e.g. A 256x256 skin can be 512x512, or a 256x512 skin may be 512x1024.)
  • Multiple skins are allowed, but will not raise your score, the final score will be the average of the skins you have submitted.
  • Skin must be atleast 75% freehand.

50% of judging will be determined by the judges (100 points)
50% of judging will be determined by public poll (100 points)

You will be judged on:
  • Quality - 40 points
  • Creativity - 30 points
  • Follows Theme - 30 points

We need 2 judges, if you would like to judge then post in the thread.

The prize is 15 rep, the judges together give 6 rep so we need more people who aren't contestants to give rep.

I, FireEffect, am not a judge, I am competing in the contest.

If you would like to be a judge, according to AceHart, you have to have texturing work of your own to judge.

  • FireEffect


Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin
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There have three others already?

> The judges are Black Hawk and Anman64

Those judges, of course, have some actual work of their own to show they know what they are talking about?


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Erm, they have no actual work to show, but i assured that they do know what they are talking about.

>There have three others already?

Yeah, there has been, the third one died out though as i went on an unexpected vacation.


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Ok, i fixed the first post, i postponed the contest starting until we get the judges set up.

EDIT - I disagree with your judgments that because they dont have an example skin to show that they cant judge and critique a skin, but i know i cant win the argument so its pointless to try. Just because somebody isn't good at something, doesn't mean they cant critique it.


New Member
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Seriously Ace,

I got tons of experience with skin making. What do you call this and this? You might say, those skin look like sh_t! I say to you, well, those are my worst 2 skins ever.

Not to mention you don't even need to know how to skin to critique.

I mean, look at this:


Which do you think is better?

That's my point.


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Do we have some members around here that qualify as judges for this? Try contacting them..


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I dont know, AceHart says they need an example of their work, but i dont know if it has to be a good example. Im assuming it does. The contest rules dont say anything about any people qualifying to be judges, if they know what their talking about im pretty sure that they are allowed, but i have no control and ace could easily close this thread. Ill get some people once he replies.

EDIT - But the contest is going to start today, theres no reason why the competitors cant work while we are awaiting judges, if somehow we dont have the required judges in 2 weeks we will postpone judging but stop the competition.


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i would +rep the winners but dunno how much +rep ill give (1 or 2 or somethin?)


Diversity enchants
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Here are contest rules and nice AceHart quote:
AceHart said:
If your thread survives 48 hours without being closed, you may consider it "approved".
If it is any interesting, it might get a "read this".

If someone who's never shown any working map comes with a "contest" to get the perfect JASS implementation of some spell,
the thread will be closed, burned, and he'll end up with half the rep he had before.
:D Of course don't take it literally, means judges should be persons who have their own works which shows they know topic what they judge.


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Thats talking about creating a contest just to get people to do the work for you.

This has been open for 2 days, doesn't that mean its approved.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin
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Without a judge? Um... no.

> you don't even need to know how to skin to critique

Sure, whatever.
Every now and then, we have, for example, a spell contest here.
And one of the judges, or the current only judge, is not all that fluent in JASS.
Result: we have three pages that "talk" about it.

This will either be done seriously, or not done at all.

> Do we have some members around here that qualify as judges for this? Try contacting them.

This at least sounds like a plan.
There are members here that submit skins presumably.
And get comments that aren't "It sucks", "It blows", "It's terrible", "It looks like a blob" or similar, right?

Find one. Or two.

The alternative, other than closing this of course, would be a "public poll only".
If enough people agree to that...
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