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It's been a long while since I submitted any resource. This is a UI (user interface) skin that replaces the default Unit/Research Queue in Wc3 (progress bar included). This particular queue has a hi-tech feel to it, but it is not that cool. I made this 100% freehand in Photoshop CS. I can't make sigs atm, but I can make UI skins. Btw this is my second unit queue submission here at TH.

Import Paths:
Here are the files inside the .zip in this thread, besides them their corresponding import paths when used in your map.
Unit Queue - UI\Widgets\Console\Human\human-unitqueue-border.blp
Unit Queue Progress Bar Border - UI\Feedback\BuildProgressBar\human-buildprogressbar-border.blp
Unit Queue Progress Bar Fill - UI\Feedback\BuildProgressBar\human-buildprogressbar-fill.blp

To make the 'Training' and 'Research' texts blend w/ the unit queue's color and theme, go to Advanced>Game Interface then look for Text - General - 'Training' and Text - General - 'Researching' fields, then apply a hex color code (for this particular queue, light blue and gray colors blend well). Done!

Please comment! And don't forget to give me credit when you use it in your map.:thup:


  • Cool Hi-Tech Unit
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No offense, I like only the progress bar - it's just my taste probably. ^^ You get your +rep for the work anyway.
WoW its good... Nicely done. I need to ask a question btw... Can it be used for hero XP bar? Cuz would rly like to use it as a XP bar in my map.
P.S: Will give u credits
The progress bar of the queue can't be used as an XP bar. You need another separate texture for the XP bar. Before this I also planned on making an XP bar package, so I'll see what I can do:D.

Thanks guys!
I like it :D Good for a futuristic warcraft MOD.
Make a futaristic UI? That would be sick. Really nicely done. +rep. Just maybe don't make the numbers so cartoony. Mak the numbers a bit better. Thats all I found bad.
I'm planning to make a futuristic UI as well besides the XP bar (nice guess:D). It takes a lot of time to make the UI, about a month for me.

I know the numbers are a bit out, but I like the color. Thanks again!
I wanter to have a better XP bar, I hope you make one soon.....
>I wanter to have a better XP bar, I hope you make one soon.....
If it's XP bar for Heroes, then it'll happen. Just some time it might take.

I'm quite happy with the progress I've made, but I'm not into Photoshop that much (when I go to college 2 years from now, that'll be the perfect time for me to master the program). It looks good because I made it while having fun :) Soon I'll go on with the xp bars and the futuristic UI.
I like it! Is it possible to have Windows Vista Green Bar for like loading and stuff? I'm downloading this for future use :D
For mods, If the unit queue needs some more improvements, I'd be able to do it. I forgot that the original psd file is still there ^_^
Judging arts is quite subjective - some like it, some don't.

I'm not a fan of hi-tech Warcraft stuff, but this is skinned quite nicely and would be a perfect addition to a hi-tech styled map.

I LOVE THIS! I seriously love this. I do. I DO! I'll definitely use this, +Rep for you!
I absolutely love the progress bar. Very well done there!

Looking forward if someone could create a hero xp bar out of this one!
The standard violet one is somewhat... boring after all these years :D
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