Could We Have Something Like In The Hive Associated With GG Client?

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You know, the part where if a members map is worth it GG will make a personal room for it. Could we possibly have one too?


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Do you mean give a special forum dedicated to specifc member made map?
If so, we do have them, actually we have three. Check the Members' Project forum (subforum of the World Editor forum).


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No, not that one, its like you submit something to the hive first, they will process it and may have a personal channel in gg.


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> Can't you just google it?

Where's the fun in that?

"Gotta Go" or "General Garbage" or "GoGo" ... :p

Assuming that one would be it, the answer is "No, not at this time. Thank you for your suggestion".


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I guess it is that.

That GG site seems pretty lame though.

the website design is horrible, the 'news' is gibberish (IMO) and well, look at their 'Featured Gamer', 'Moderator of the month'. I've seen places mods/members that are from different countries.

And as for their english, they may be foreign, but thats no excuse for it to be bad. 'First 300 Gold Members get extra treat! Apply now!' They have a community, there must be some people that can speak fluent english there.

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They probably have someone on Staff affiliated with that site. As Ace said, we are not going to be doing that. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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