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General Info
Name: Counter Hook
Map Size: 128x160 (There will be 3 different places to play on)
Playable: 116x116
Teams: 2, Counter Hookerist vs Hookerist
Players: 6 versus 6
Other info: Winning would be good

You play as a role of an Abomination. You can be in either of the 2 Teams, the Hookerists and the Counter Hookerists.

As a Hookerist your objective is either destroying one of the targets (There's two) or eliminate the other team. The objective also depend on what map you are playing on.

As a Counter hookerist your objective is either prevent the Hookerists from destroying the targets or eliminate the other team. The objective also depend on what map you are playing on.

In order to kill someone, you have to buy items at your starting location/base. There are 3 primary weapons and 3 secondary weapons and you can only use 1 of each kind. There's also 10 other items which you could use to aid you in battle. And also each weapon need ammo, so when you buy item, remember to buy ammo too.

The Maps
The Base
Screenshot #1 : The Base. The Counter Hookerists spawns inside it.
Screenshot #2 : The Cave. The digging machine is one of the 2 targets, destroy it to win.

This map is created by me, Draphoelix aka Yourseif aka Kargamuhola aka Gakmakl aka Infernal aka Me aka Godlike aka Ownage. But that wouldn't work without assistance from many people.

This map is created by me, Draphoelix. But that wouldn't work without assistance from many awesome-cool-kind people.

Thanks to PureOwnage who made the Loading Screen.
Thanks to madcd for improving the Loading Screen.
Thanks to General Frank who made Explosive Axe's model.
Thanks to Grymlax for the Primary and the Secondary Ammunition icon. If you need a well-made icon, ask him, he'll take your request and bring it back to you with a higher quality.
Thanks to [email protected] for his futuristic walls and doors.
Thanks to VIRUS_OF_MADNESS for his Toxicthrower model.
Thanks to Kofi_Banan for his Digging Machine model.
Also, the Rotten Meat explosion model is from Undead Assault II, a great game.



Let the game begin...
A bit too much like cs?^^ Making inspired games always works but they should always be as far from the inspired game as possible for the best result. Anyway good luck with the map.


In need of sleep
not exactly true, my bullet hell faired well and it stayed close to its roots

also... to whoever made that crappy immage

learn to use photoshop or ms paint correctly, running 2 lines that make an + is fine, but dont run it OUTSIDE of the game window and wtf is up with that black smuge ontop

this sounds like another puge wars..... really not too intresting...... got anything to make it more intresting then trowing meat hooks around the map? cuz its been done before
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