UK News Cows sexually abused, hit and punched at company owned by NFU deputy president, footage shows

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    Cows were violently kicked, punched and sexually abused at a farm linked to the NFU’s deputy president, investigators have found.

    Footage from hidden cameras revealed a string of cases in which the animals were attacked.

    Researchers visiting the site also photographed dead calves left to rot outside.

    Workers at the Essex farm, owned by a company of which Guy Smith is director, are seen in the video kicking, punching and hitting dairy cows with sticks.

    One worker also appears to touch the animals in an “intimate area” on two different occasions, the witness claimed.

    “Some of the most disturbing footage shows one worker touching two cows in intimate areas on two different occasions,” the investigator said. “The worker appears to be moving his hand up and down in a way that would suggest masturbation.”

    Read more here. (Independent UK)

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