Creepy Girl Drawing

Discussion in 'The Graphics Zone' started by Genkora, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Genkora

    Genkora Frog blast the vent core!

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    I drew it with pencil, scanned it, and colored it in GIMP. This is the second drawing I have colored in GIMP properly knowing how to use layer masks. It takes a long time, I don't know if a background will ever be done, although I would like to do one eventually.


    edit - I fixed some things up I noticed. It looks better now, I hope no one saw it before.
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  2. Weegee

    Weegee Go Weegee!

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    looks like a dancing assassin person :p
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  3. undeadorcjerk

    undeadorcjerk The Ulitimate Lurker

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    What Weege said.
  4. w/e

    w/e Boaroceraptorasaurus-Rex

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    Not bad. All the proportions are correct and I like the style.
  5. ReVolver

    ReVolver Moderator Staff Member

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    This ^
    Great Work!
  6. Tru_Power22

    Tru_Power22 You can change this now in User CP.

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    Not creepy per say, but I like the drawing. Very nice.
  7. Rhymer

    Rhymer You can change this now in User CP.

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    Nice! I like the cloak, it looks awesome.

  8. vypur85

    vypur85 Hibernate

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    Looks nice as always.

    The hair looks too high though. Looks like a hood instead.

    Damn it. Reduce the picture size next time. It's so freaking large that it's hard to really see.
  9. Lobster

    Lobster Old Fogey ofthe site

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    ITS ALMA with a hood.
    gj though
  10. Pineapple

    Pineapple Just Smile.

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    Try to make that pose.

    No? Exactly. That's really damn painful...
  11. Flamesword

    Flamesword New Member

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    As Pinaeapple said, I don't think a person's spine can bend like that...
  12. vypur85

    vypur85 Hibernate

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    The back seems fine to me. It's not that it's bent, just that the hip is curvy which is quite OK for females. The head is not positioned correctly, which is why it looked too curved. The head/neck should be positioned a little bit back. But these are minor problems.

    The imposible posture is probably the right arm. (Which is what I think what Pine mean by painful?).

    But she is supposed to be creepy... any posture will do good. Reminds me of Kayako from Ju-On.
  13. Jindo

    Jindo Self

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    Believe it or not, the spine can bend like that, very easily (and painlessly).
  14. Pineapple

    Pineapple Just Smile.

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    I'm not talking about the spine...

    The arms and fingers and the like, all together.

    Its extremely awkward to pose as shown in the picture.
  15. 13lade619

    13lade619 is now a game developer :)

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    thus it's 'Creepy'.
  16. Atreyu

    Atreyu One Last Breath.

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    Nice one!
    My fav was the eyeglass dude thing.
  17. Genkora

    Genkora Frog blast the vent core!

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    I pretty sure the position is possible, if perhaps a little painful in the extension of the fingers. I was going for creepy, but I'm not particularly experienced in the creepy department. You can right click the picture and select view image for a sized down one. Maybe that's only in firefox though. In any case, I will be sure to size them down in the future.
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  18. DogOfHavoc

    DogOfHavoc Future Tragedy

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    Very nice work +rep
  19. Sooda

    Sooda Diversity enchants

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    > As Pinaeapple said, I don't think a person's spine can bend like that...

    Beauty needs sacrifices, don't take it word by word of course. I omg'ed ten times when I first saw this picture after reading back story (the Gimp story).
    It is so well done.

    Do you use drawing mat (or how do they call it) or ordinary gamer's mouse? I have to search tutorials how to use layer masks? and become better. You give inspiration with your skills.
  20. Pineapple

    Pineapple Just Smile.

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    Hmm can't believe i just noticed the head!


    Its way to tall... your eyes are halfway down your head. Now place a finger on her chin and where her eyes would be. move it up. Guess what? Yeah, the eyes are like, two-thirds down the face, so either shes really distorted, or has EXTREMELY puffy hair.

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