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What is Crossology?

Crossology is the forum I use as both a "scratch pad" for new ideas and a "database" of all the information dealing with my multiple WIP novels/series/universes/etc. etc. It's also a central point of reference for anything else I create, whether it's writing stuff or artwork.

Why is this "v2.0"?

There was originally more information on the original [url="Crossology board. But something went wrong and I lost everything. To the best of my knowledge, my 100+ poems are gone along with a LOT of information for my different Universes. But I'm re-building it, slowly but surely!

What is a "universe" on Crossology?

There are three different "Universes". These are settings for three different series. They are:

The Kranin Universe - Kranin is an epic high fantasy world that I created from the ground up. It has it's own Genesis, "Entiri" (my version of "gods" or "deities") and everything else that a world like that would need!
The Deadland Universe - The setting of my first series and my only current manuscript Corruption, the Deadland Universe is the home of Vampires, Lycans, Guardians, Hunters and the war they wage behind Human eyes.
The Graveyard Shift Universe - The Graveyard Shift Universe is home to the Reaper Corps., a collection of men and women across the modern world that work for the Grim Reaper. They police the Underworld and keep the "Surface World" (normal people like you and me) from realizing there's a whole society living alongside ours that's mostly made of up dead people.

Can I post there?

Users can post on existing threads if they have questions or comments, but seeing as how Crossology is a database for information on my writing endeavors, only I can create threads. However, questions can be posted here and if I answer them on Crossology, I'll post a link to the answer.

Is any of this published?

Not yet. I have one manuscript for the book Corruption but so far that's it. And I haven't sent even the one manuscript into any publishers. I want to re-write some of Corruption before I do send it in, but that's in the works.

I hope you enjoy reading about my characters, worlds and everything else! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here or on Crossology!​
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