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Discussion in 'General Webmaster Support' started by monoVertex, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. monoVertex

    monoVertex I'm back!

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    Ok, I would like to know if there is any way to add a glow to a text through the CSS. Thanks for helping! :)
  2. Andrewgosu

    Andrewgosu The Silent Pandaren Helper Staff Member

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    Glow to a text, you mean, like a highlighted text?
  3. monoVertex

    monoVertex I'm back!

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    You know the stroke effect in Photoshop, right? That's what I want :D
  4. mase

    mase ____ ___ ____ __

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    You can highlight it by changing the color of its background...

  5. MeRcChRiS

    MeRcChRiS .

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    well im not sure what your saying but heres a css glow effect.

    <span style="FILTER: Glow(Color=#ff0000, Strength=8); width:200px;font-size:20pt;">*Text Here*</span>
  6. monoVertex

    monoVertex I'm back!

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    I am already using the background for something else.

    Isn't that HTML? What I want should be in the actual CSS...

    Anyway, nvm, I found out that something like this wouldn't appear on some browsers so... I shall find a way around. Thanks for replying, tho! :)
  7. TFlan

    TFlan I could change this in my User CP.

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    anything in style="" is css

    so all that can just be copyied and pasted into a css script.
  8. Chile

    Chile The All Purpose Administrator

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    the filters style definition only works with Internet Explorer, as far as I know.

    However, there is a CSS2 text property for shadow which, from my last look at the spec, did not work on either Firefox 1.5 or I.E. 6

    It's possible that the definition might work with the latest releases of IE and Firefox, though. But, we'd have to check which CSS2 features are supported by each "User Agent" or "Browser".

    SPAN.glow { 
        background: white; 
        color: white;
        text-shadow: black 0px 0px 5px;}
    Alternately, you could declare the style in the element like this:
    <span style="background: white; color: white; text-shadow: black 0px 0px 5px;">
    This is some white text with a light grey glowing stroke

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