Curious Problem with Turning Destructibles


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I have a bunch of destructibles on my map that are slightly altered version of the 2x4 Braxis Alpha Destructible Rocks.

This is a new problem, but I'm not sure what actually caused it. When I place an effect on the destructible (to do damage, nothing else) the destructible turns 70 degrees or so. Hitting them again doesn't seem to repeat the effect.

I also have a 1x1 destructible which has the same (though it's less notable) problem. I also noticed that for some reason, all of these destructibles have the Attack ability in the tree list, yet their abiilty fields are blank.

What could be causing this turning? The destructibles are not movable or turnable and the fact that it only happens once for each destructible suggests to me that it's not a trigger. Their speed and moving/stationary turning rates are set to zero.
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