custom entangled goldmines.

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    I finally got this to work.

    this is for any one making a map that needs a custom entangled gold mine but still needs the original night elf gold mine.

    first find the night elf unit ability "load wisp" right click on it make new custom ability don't change the name.( i didn't i did change the suffix)

    then give this new ability to the original night elf goldmine "Entangled Gold Mine" replace the old load wisp ability with copy you just created.

    Now we go to the old ability.
    the original "load wisp" ability select this ability and alter the one data field "Data - Allowed Unit Type" change this field from wisp to what ever custom builder/gatherer you want, this gatherer unit needs to be located in the night elf races "Stats - Race Night Elf" the editor will glich if the unit is not night elf.

    now you need to make a trigger an easy trigger, i assure you.


    Flood gold mine
    Unit - A unit enters (Entire map)
    (Unit-type of (Entering unit)) Equal to Flooded Gold Mine
    Neutral Building - Set (Entering unit) to 1000000000 gold


    if you do not use this trigger you entangled gold mine will have 0 gold in it.

    my custom gold mine is Flooded Gold Mine, to make a new custom gold mine copy the original unit and paste it.

    this trigger assumes you have a custom gatherer unit and a custom entangled gold mine.

    this method only allows for 1 custom gold mine to be active... i think... im not sure.
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