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Custom Hero Arena - Line Wars (Downloadable)

Custom Hero Arena - Line Wars


- I am the creator of Custom Hero Arena Revolutions, a map which I have finally finished, and will only be performing minor work on in the future. Until SC2 gets a custom game system worth using, I am sticking to WC3, and need a new project.
- I spent 2-1/2 years perfecting CHAR, and need a basic project that will hopefully, not take as long.
- When CHLW first came out, I really enjoyed it. After a year or so of playing it, I determined that it was quite imbalanced, and that a single player could make or break a game. It is still a great game, however, I feel like adding some competition against it will kick baka-ranger's hiney into overdrive. Competition always makes for good maps!
- CHA-LW will be based on Custom Hero Arena, in terms of units, items, and abilities. I want to test an idea I have about how willing people are to switch between games if they don't have to completely re-learn items, heroes, leveling, gameplay, ECT.

General Idea for the Game:

Creep Summoning:
- Each "space" in the summoning shop will spawn a level of creep. That is, a random level 1 creep will be the first creep type that you spawn.
- Every time you click it, it will spawn another random level 1 creep.
- This will be how it levels, 11 levels per shop, 4 shops, upgraded (1 upgrade button per level) and 4 bosses at the end to spawn.

- One thing I hated about all hero line wars games was the insane need for an income. I was OP at most games, because I would give up 50 lives to have 2X everyone else’s income. Then, I couldn't lose.
- Income will come from summoning only; gold from killing.
- While the game will be reasonably fast paced, I don’t plan for people to get high incomes; creeps will give a low gold gain from being killed, and from being summoned.
- Of course, there will be more creeps added at various levels, so at more than level 10 you can spam flying critters, with luck.

- Items are the 1 thing I don’t want to change. There are really about 450 items in the game that I would have to change. So, I plan to balance the gold rate of the game, around the cost of items. Call me cheap, but it is true.
- For anyone who doesn't know the CHA item set up, there are a lot of weapons and armors, so as that any build can be fully supported by various items.
-Peons will be able to create items and bring them to your hero while you are fighting.

- Obviously balancing will become an issue, but The only main change I plan for heroes is to make global EXP sharing (another annoying thing about CHLW was people whining that they wanted to solo a lane, because there was no EXP sharing and they could very quickly become 4X the level of their teamates) and to lower the leveling rate; so it progresses at a safe rate; on a game scale.
- Again, balancing will have to determine specific stats, but there will be about 85 heroes to pick from; and all hero types will be equally playable.

- Of course I will have to re-scale all of these, lowering damage on a lot of spells, or giving spell reduction to a vast majority of creeps. Would be kinda OP for 4 players to pick frost fail, and stand in 1 spot all game winning.
- Passive skills will NOT dominate the game! .. nor will summons, early game.
- But, I plan to keep the current abilities in the game.
- The same hero picking system will exist.
- There are about 160ish abilities in the game.
- Units get an offensive, defensive, misc, innate, and ultimate skill.

- There will be a portal that takes you through a Yiff area, with a treasure chest. you can kill it for gold, or you can continue through another portal into your opponents base area, and can attempt to mess them up while being over there.
- I want to add a -challenge feature, where you can challenge other players to a duel, and it takes you to an arena and you fight to the death for extra gold and to gain extra lives for your team. Of course there will be a cool down on how often you can challenge another player.
- I am undecided yet if I want to force all players into an arena every X seconds to duke it out. I prolly will.

Additional Information:

Official Website:
HiveWorkshop link for CHAR:
TheHelper link for CHAR:

Currently this map is in the planning stage, and there is the most leeway for change. Within a week I plan to have a Basic outline of the map made up (Assuming I get all my college work done). Within a month I plan to have a playable version of the map.

In no way do I intend to slander the current version or editor of CHLW, I believe that it is a great map. I only intend to invent my own map which shares a similar concept.

Update: 12/16/10

After a lot of work and bug fixing, I have a highly-playable version of the map. It is still lacking a few of the features I plan to have in it, but for now... yeh know...
I try to use text throughout the game to give tips and explain the game. There is a brief intro to explain it to noobs. I am sure everyone in the world will want it removed, and then complain that new players don't know where to summon from.

Anyway, this is a multiplayer game only. We currently do not have it on a bot either; but should within a few days. Anyone looking to try it out in a large team setting, find Wrathbot on US-East or come to channel Clan Chao and we will host one for you.



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I LOVE Custom Hero Arena Revo!!! Ok so.. I'd say that have Taverns for hero because all the Hero Line Wars have circles of power [and like in CHAR]
Edit: I noticed I only gave 1 detail for help, so I say you should change the 4 shops to 2 so 1 on each base side and everyone on the team gets shared control, so like the upgrade/units would be same for each team but income would be different for each player, like if someone on your team just killed units and never summoned there income = low and summoners = big if this is possible

I think you should have a periodic duel every 5 minutes so that the PvP function isn't like unused because some people would just say woah that guys strong -decline.


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I am keeping the tavern system like I currently have in CHA, It is a lot more work to do circles, and the circles leave a lot of detail out that only a tooltip can explain.
I am actually going the opposite direction with income, I think. I am thinking of making team income shared, or at least partially shared.

Duels: There are duels every 6 minutes, it takes players outta their lanes, pauses creeps, and lets people fight.

***There are no healing shrines on the map. You heal from respawning, and you heal before duels***

- I really dislike how in all HLW games you can rack up 1 million income. So, I am doing income/summing through lumber. And you can cash lumber in for gold; or buy more lumber. However, the ratios will be uneven in either direction. So, 500 gold buys 250 lumber, 500 lumber buys 100 gold. Something along those lines.
- Shared income: If income isnt fully shared, then I may take the total lumber income of all players on a team, and average it out in gold to all players. So everyone gets their own lumber income; but a small portion of that income is given as gold to the whole team; it would be something small though, like (total income/players)/4.

After 3 days of work, I have a summoning system (Only have the first shrine of summons done) The heroes all picked out; various game modes and difficulties. Red picks modes.
Easy is "alright."
Normal is Hard
Hard is Really Hard
Very Hard is silly-hard
Insane is... Not really playable unless you are really good on a good team with good player. Fun though. 1v1, a creep can prolly take you.

Just a few more days to hit my deadline of 1 week for a playable map, so... back to work!


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Just a bumpppp saying that I havent been editing this for a good week and a half now; as there is only 1 more week until I graduate from my college; and finals are a bitch. I have a fully playable version of the map though; and when I get the time to put the final touches on it, I will be uploading it for everyone to play!


Because none of us are as cruel as all of us.
Tested it twice. Here are the replays. They're 1on1. Did the 10k gold and lvl 8 mode on the second one, cause on the first try we kept dying :p

Edit: Did a third test.
I don't remember much, as I'm sleepy. I do remember my opponent getting stuck in duel twice. His hero couldn't move at all.

I like that the game is now a bit more about survival, since you're not looking to spam abilities to kill your opponent as often. This was a one vs one though.

Strategy or unintentional: Gather some income/wood, spam all the monsters, use shrine to heal them. In a normal game, they start with very little hp, but then they suddenly get 100% hp. Uh oh for opponent.
Which reminds me, Shrine affects the whole map, example if I stomp, it does 1k dmg to creeps on my lane, and on the opponent's.

Personal: I would prefer if recipes were made automatically as long as the items were in the possession of either the hero, or the peon. Meaning, I get a bit distracted having my peon running back and forth to give items to my hero :p. But I have read on your forums that a strategy is to only use recipes when more slots are needed.

What else... Ah yes, a little one: On the shrine, I noticed it was supposed to have the Hotkeys as qwer, asfd, and zxcv. But Restore? (Should be "w") is hotkey "C". Same as revive all creeps.

Pit Lord secret hero = Pit Lard in your map? Purpose or typo? xD

I think that's all I have. Awesome map, I like it a lot. Hard to get people to join though, maybe it's the time I hosted (10-12pm Pacific).



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hey, thanks for trying out my map ^_^. 1v1 is a little rough on this map, it is intentionally difficult though, because most public players will only pick the easier modes.

Stuck in duel:
This was happening while testing for a while; I fixed it like... twice... and I guess I didnt fix it right; but it wasnt happening to us, so I thought I did :(

Those shrine skills can hit anyone, and it is intentional. Stomp and stuff are meant to hit opponent creeps also. What is good to do; is use it to steal creep kills from them, so they dont get the gold or EXP. Some of the skills are hero-only; some creep only. The full life one heals all creeps on your side. What is really fun; when your opponent spams high-level creeps, then heals them... cast Chinese Firedrill on them, and send them back to your opponents lane. >< I tried that, saved up for 12 of the last bosses, sent them, healed them; and they got sent back at ME! /facepalm

In CHA, the recipes as-is, is much better than any other system that can be used in that game. In line wars though; I agree that a "full unit combine" system would be better. But, with the ~200 recipes in the game; it isnt worth retriggering alllllll of them, just for that minor convenience.

Hotkey: didnt notice, thanks!

Pit Lard is intentional; kinda funny... cuz he is fat!

10-12 is 1-3 AM east coast; pretty slow for gaming. 9-12 is prolly your best best, east coast time. Wrath (clanmate) is getting some RAM in the mail to throw into his computer, so his bot can host more games. Hopefully people will start playing it more on his bot. Again, the bot name is Wrathbot on US-East; though, I believe it does cross-server hosting.


Because none of us are as cruel as all of us.
Yes I figured it would be better/more fun with more players.

And about the recipe combine, how about giving the peon the abilitiy to give the hero an item? If you've played Angel Arena Allstars, the mule unit has an ability that you simply Press D (for hotkey), then click on the inventory slot, and if the hero has enough room, the clicked item is sent to the hero. =D That might be an alternative.

Will host again when I can =D Fun map. I miss Hero Line Wars.


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Alright, a long time without much going on here. I fixed a lot of bugs in this map, and it seems a bit more stable. We will be putting it on TNP-Bot soon, so anyone interested can start looking for it. The file uploaded in the first post is the most recent edit of this map.
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