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Custom Hero Arena (Remade) **Download**

***Link to Download at the Bottom of the Page***

Background: I have been the editor of Custom Hero Arena (pretty popular US-East map) for a year or so now, and I have decided to remake the whole thing. The current public edit of the game is being hosted ~20X more than the original edit was a year ago, so I know I've made some good progress. My next goal is to remake the entire game from a blank map, and bring it from hovering around top 14-16 hosted, and keep it in the top 3-4.

Slayerdragon created this map ~5 years ago. He quit editing because he lost his unprotected copy. Labmonkey123 got permission from him to deprotect it, and work on it ~2 years ago. Labmonkey then became too busy also, and passed the map on to me. Due to the map being deprotected, then lab working on it, then me working on it (before I really knew anything about editing) the scripting is just.. awful. Painfully awful. All of you would vomit if you saw it; it is that bad. It has gotten to the point that as the game currently is; there isnt much I can do without rebuilding the whole thing, that wont cause errors.

Testing: The current CHA edit out has ~2000 hours of testing invested in it. I have about 30 people on my testers list, and we test for about 2 months before anything is released. And we have been releasing edits for the past year. As far as "custom hero" games go; this is by far the most balanced. It is balanced for any sized game, ranging from 1v1 to 6v6. The new map I am working on will have about 2X the amount amount of testing on it as any of my other edits. So when I get close to that point; if anyone wants to check it out, just ask. (wont be for a while)

How the Game Works: You start out with a hero picker (after red choses options from taverns) and you select a hero model. All heroes have various ranges, base stats, and stat gains. You then select an offensive skill, defensive skill, misc. skill, Hero based skill, innate, and ultimate. To clarify, offensive skills are just as they sound. the majority of them are nukes, crits, things that increase your damage output in some way. Defensive as as you would assume, things that reduce damage done to you; allow you to flee, or overall extend your life. Misc. skills are skill that could fit into more than 1 hours, wouldnt fit into any, or are just there for the hell of it. a wide variety of skills here. Hero specific skills are mostly custom spells, dealing damage based on stats of heroes. Also ranged/melee only skills go here. Innate skills are not hero skills and do not level. It is a base skill that you can pick to make your hero a little more original. These skills are not really game changing at all, but are nice to have. these are generally passive; or skills that are equally useful all game. Ultimates are just kick ass skills. Some are passive, some are nukes, some are for pvp, some are for creeping. Some are strictly for team games too. Just a note, in the current CHA edit, innate skills are on heroes when you pick them, not pickable. And the hero-type skill tavern doesnt exist. they are planned for my re-made edit.

Plans: I plan to make this like no other hero arena. It is already unique in the fact that it is a balanced "custom hero" arena type game. However the best way of explaining it would be like "mario party" of custom hero arena.
Various FULL modes:

Normal Mode: A normal, hero arena type game. Kill creeps, fight bosses, kill opponents, fight in arenas. There is a side quest involving a lot of quests leading up to a big boss fight. (story mode is just where the first person to finish the quest wins)

Capture the flag:
You all know what CTF is. Creep spawns will be reduced insanely, maybe 1 spawn a minute per area. Heroes will gain gold and levels based on hero kills, flag captures, flag returns, flag steals, and other CTF related things. This will be an entire CTF system, with multiboard.

King of the Hill:
(both 1 hill and 5 hill mode) I hope you all know what KOTH is. There are 5 hills (or 1) on the map, and your team wants to control them. There will be a set time you need to control them for (time can be selected by red). This will be an entire king of the hill system and multiboard.

Plant the bomb: Again, a classic game. you will have to blow your opponents base up by arming a bomb outside of it. Round will have a time limit to them, followed by an all-team arena duel. Blow up the opponents base X times to win!

gladiator mode: Everyone versus everyone in a giant arena. (this mode is in CHAU 3.0) there is no creeping, after every round you gain 4 extra levels and 8000 extra gold. A round ends when only 1 person is alive in the arena. First person to win a total of 10 rounds wins. (working on a multi-board for this)

4 team mode: Rather than having only 2 teams, it will be possible to play with 2 teams, OR 4 teams. I am also making all of the other modes in this game playable with either 2 or 4 teams.

bomberman: A truly unique game mode that is just exciting. All items are removed from the game except for bombs. Very slow creep spawns, almost none. All gold gained can be used to upgrade your bombs or your hero. You can buy life, movespeed, normal attack damage, or any other stat you may want. Or, you can upgrade the range, damage, AoE, ECT of your bombs. I am not positive how I will work the various upgrades into this; but we have been playing a "homemade" bomberman for a while now; and it is fun!

other options: Aside from full on game modes, you can change the kill count to win, you can increase creep spawns, enable unlimited weapons (normal limit is 1) bonus stats mode, super start (high lvl and gold), fast leveling mode, slow leveling, drop mode (all items are dropped in base when a player leaves), pro mode (harder creeps and bosses) noob mode (boost to player units), and well... a handful of other modes I cant think of off the top of my head.

Items/heroes: Currently there are almost 300 items in the game (not including consumables and power ups), MANY of which are recipe items that combine and upgrade. By the end of this my new map, I plan to have around 350. With my new addition of skill shops, there will be over 8,000,000,000 different builds. (8 billion, right?) The current items and heroes will be in the new edit. There will also be many more of both. Boss units from CHAU 3.0 will be different though.

Statement: To make all of these modes playable, I will essentially have to make each mode its whole game, and disable all of the "normal game" triggers when a special mode is picked. I would also like to add that I am really not good with triggers, and how I made it this far I have no idea. I am uploading the current public version of my map to this post; because the one I am working on is far from playable yet. Before next semester starts, I plan to have a semi-playable version to upload. The final product I am planning to release before June.

This is pretty wall-of-text-y, sorry! I will update with progress on the map, and get a version up for anyone to look at as soon as I feel adequate progress has been made.

I've been working mostly on the end boss temple, mountain, dungeon, whatever you want to call it. I may get some friends together and make a quick video of it, with explanations of how the fights work; until then, I will just type up the basics.

Rather than the typical tank and spank fights like so many games have, I have attempted to add some excitement to the boss fights. With enough spank, you can still solo the whole thing; but it is intended to be a group effort.

1st room: After hitting some levers, A small army spawns. There are 4 tanking units with a custom taunt that forces you to attack them for 5 seconds when they cast it. As tanking would imply, they have higher life and armor, and lower damage. There are 4 shaman with abilities like frenzy, rejuv, purge, ect. They have high spell resistance, but lower armor and life. 6 ranged minions also spawn. They have the lowest life and armor; but they spawn behind the tanks. They also have a slowing ability; making it hard to bypass the tanks and attack them first; though with a team, it is possible. Leading them all, is a general. He has magic immunity, highest life and armor, slow attack speed, and gives devotion and endurance auras. He also has tranquility, which he will cast if more than 3 units have taken substantial damage.

The goal here is teamwork of course. The tanks drop easily to spells, and you can buy bombs that deal spell damage if you have no spell based allies. you need to focus fire or else the shaman will cast rejuv on single targets, and the general will heal them all. Ranged heroes can take out the ranged creeps while your tank takes the focus of their tanks.

After the fight, some rewards appear on the ground, and the gate to the next room is open.

2nd Room: This personally was my favorite fight to create. There is a simple Tank and spank boss who has a few castables; but nothing too powerful. He has high damage, and a slow attack. He has a very powerful heal on a big CD also. Every 20 seconds during this fight though; a Healer is spawned. These healers dont deal much damage, but they have a 400 HP heal on a 2 second CD. They also have divine armor (which takes 2X damage from spells in my game) If you simply ignore them, eventually there will be so many healing the boss that you cant hurt him. They have lowish life, so any 2 spell casts should be able to kill them. Again, if you have no spells, you can buy some bombs to kill them. If you have no spells, no bombs, and no skill that adds magic damage to your attacks; you cannot finish this fight. Bombs are cheap though.

3rd room: I am still working on this one; finishing touches and all. However, it is 2 bosses who use quite a bit of teamwork. 1 has heals, medium life, high mana, and long duration sleep (your ally can attack you to cancel it) and decent armor. However, this hero has very very low base damage; but has frost arrows; which cost a lot of mana, and deal a lot of damage. General Idea being to drain this units mana, if you have the proper abilities. The other unit has a lotta life, and has a pretty powerful attack. Also has brilliance aura, spirit link, anddd... some other skill. These bosses are subject to change as they are tested to enhance game play without making it take too long to defeat them.

I need to do the final boss now. I want a truly unique fight, but I dont want to take the focus of the fight from the boss unit. If anyone has a suggestion or Idea for this; I would be glad to hear it. I've run out of interesting yet simple boss fight set ups.

Download the Current beta of this map:


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Good luck!
I like arena games as they are fast and fun. Especially if they are balanced. A custom Hero Arena that is balanced would be hard to make. I know Emljr3 (I hope I spelt that right) has done pretty well with unholy arena. From reading this, it sounds like it will be a lot of fun when it is done.

Ask me if you need any help with ideas or balancing, I'll be happy to help.



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That is my current edit I have released, if you want to look into the balancing. It is a very in-depth game though; once you get into building, counter building, and items. I have done my best to comebacks possible, to make it so passive whores aren't the only type of hero worth having. A lot of spells/nukes scale as they level, so they remain usable for most of the game. Not only does every skill have multiple counters, but items can counter them also. In some cases you will end up countering the counter of your counter to their skill.

And that is our clan site; also where I get most of the suggestions for the map, along with bug reporting, imbalances, ect.

If you check out that map, you will find a lot of "annoying little bugs" and the more you play; the more you find. In fact, a friend who is really into that stuff; and has the high tech programming stuff ran my game through a bot-type thing 20,000 times; (running 40 at once, each game fast-forwarded so as that an hour=1 second) and found 651 errors that could cause potential problems. for the average player; you wouldn't encounter them, but I would rather they just didn't exist.

=========Question of the Day============
Anyone know if there is an easier way to change the teams during a game? The game is set up as a 6v6, but I want an option to play 3v3v3v3. Is the best way to do this a very long trigger containing "Make player 1 treat player 4 as an opponent" for all of the player slots? Compared to all the work I would have to do to the REST of the game to make this mode work; this wouldn't be much; I am just trying to keep triggers short; because there are a lottttt of them! Not even joking, there are almost 100,000 characters in my items recipe trigger (converted to text) ~95,000 for a more exact "almost. A lot of my questions will be about script optimization that a widgetizer and vex's cant do for me.


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Cool, I'll get checking for balance issues soon.

For the question of the day:

I'd probably, at map init, add the payers to different player groups.
E.G: add Player 1 to group 'TwoTeamsofSix' array size '[1]' and add them to 'FourTeamsofThree' array size '[1]' ect.

This not only allows you to shorten your triggers by a bit but also can be helpfull with shortening other triggers depending on what you need.

Then, use this trigger for 4 team of three, hopefully you get the idea and will know how to do this for the other team modes (Not sure how good a triggerer you are so...) :
  • FourTeamsofThree
    • Events
      • Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing '-FToT' as an exact match
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • For Each Integer A from 1-4 do actions
        • Loop
          • For Each Integer B from 1-4 do actions
            • Loop
              • If/Then/Else (If) all conditions are true (Then) do then actions (Else) do else actions
                • If (Conditions)
                  • Integer - (Integer B) equal to (Integer A)
                • Then (Actions)
                • Else (Actions)
                  • Player Group - Make all players in (FourTeamsofThree[Integer A]) treat all players in (FourTeamsofThree[Integer B]) as an enemy


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alright, cool, it took me a few readings, but I inderstand what is going on here. That is a lottt easier than the trigger I was thinking of making manaully for every player!

I am not a very good triggerer, variables and intergers are actually what I am worst at; but I usually learn pretty fast -so thanks for explaining it. Lets see if I can find a +rep button around here! I will add it in tomorrow and make sure I understand what I think I understand, and HOPEFULLY wont have to ask any questions about it ^_^. thanks again!


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Just an update, I've been busy lately and havent made much progress. I finished the "end quest" and am just working on fool proofing it.

What I am starting work on now is a dueling system, and would be interested in some feedback.

I want multiple types of dueling systems on the same game. As it is a custom hero arena, i want the options to also be very customizable.


1) I plan to make the time between duels changable, as an option. I already know how to do this much, I think. I am simply making 3 of the same triggers, 1 for 2.5 minutes, 1 for 5 minutes, and 1 for 7.5 minutes between duels. the 5 minutes will be auto-on, but if a different time is selected as an option, the normal one will be turned off, and the correct one turned on.

2) I want players to be able to pick if they want full team duels (rather than even team duels) even team duels, or, in 4 team mode, an option for 2 arena fights to go on at the same time, 1 team versus 1 team, opposed to a 4 way fight. I also *believe* I can accomplish this by using... a lot of copy/paste triggers that are turned on and off depending on modes.

My question of the day: As far as noticable load time, lag, and other "problems" that could occur. Is making 4 of the same trigger, and turning them on and off depending on game modes an "alright" thing to do? Or should I use changing variables and such to use a single trigger that changes due to a variable, and just change that variable when a different game mode is switched?

Example: For my spawn system, I set the interval to *interger variable* when fast spawn is selected, I make said variable equal 10, opposed to 20. When extreme, I set it to 5. This is a very simple way of changing it, and I feel worth it.

-however, for something like an entire dueling system, which would be a lot more difficult to pull off with all the options I want... Would it be worth it? Would it make a noticable difference in gameplay? Since the *other* triggers would be turned off, and not running, they would just increase the map load time a tiny bit, and not much else. Also, I am using pre-loading, so the actual "wait time" isnt going to seem as long.

Pro's and con's... ready? go!


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Well, I am getting views, so SOMEONE cares about this project! I got a couple of updates and will include some screen shots!

The Brief cinematic scene at the start of the game. during this time I am loading in all the units, skills, and items to prevent lag spikes during the game and reduce loading time during the load scene.

This is the first part of the end boss fight. these are all normal units, not heroes. The Big tankish guys you see have a taunt that makes you lose control of your hero for 6 seconds. They also have good armor, a good slow, and decent HP. They have no spell reduction though. The other units all have good spell reduction, and the general is immune. the general has devotion and endurance auras. If more than 3 units take a decent bit of damage, he will use a high powered tranquility. You need to focus fire in this fight. The shaman cast a strong rejuv and bloodlust. The minions in the back are low armored, low lifed, ranged units with a decent bit of damage. They are the weakest units, so you should save them for last.

This is the second boss in the quest line. He is a normal tank and spank boss. The drawback? As you can see in the screenshot, there are little minions with some kick ass armor. They take almost no damage from normal attacks, but take double damage from spells! these little bastards have some nice very low cool down heals, and they wont think twice about casting them on the big guy. If you let too many healers spawn (they spawn every 20 seconds) then the boss will become fully healed, and you are hosed. Never fret though, bombs have spell damage! With a stack of bombs you can easily clear all of the minions on this fight. Or, use a staff spell, or just have an ally with you who has an AoE spell. The boss also has an occasional large heal he will cast on himself.

The third and final fight before you are allowed to fight rag. these guys go down easier than the previous boss, but they have a lot more damage output. the fat guy has a decent stun, some splash damage, high damage, and spirit link. the siren has sleep, a heal, and a slow attack. The siren has a cold arrow though, that adds 1500 damage per attack, costing a lot of mana. If you can make her run out of mana, her damage goes down a LOT, and she cant heal herself or fatty. Fatty has a 2k heal from items, and siren has a 1500 mana burn from items.

This is the start of the rag fight, before I hit him. Check his size and stats. Every 20 seconds he grows 20% larger, gains 1000 HP, and 100 to all stats. He is pretty easy to start, and if you have a lot of damage, he is pretty easy. With multiple weapons, he is easier than the boss fight before him! If you take to long fighting him, he turns into this:

And well, at that point; fighting him isnt fun anymore! He is big and angry and has a lotttt of stats!

Additional Rag Fight Information:
Other than archons and elementals, this is the only series of boss fights in the game.
These fights can be done multiple times
After each fight, your progress is saved, in case of duels or death.
If you do not finish a fight, you have to restart that part of the chain. (death or duels)
After you defeat rag; you can restart the entire chain quest again.

These fights are all designed to take skill, while being "easy". That is, you dont need a shit-ton of immortals to do these fights. 2 immortals plus a weapon, with just 2 players, makes these fights easy. Damage is actually a lot more important than having to stack 250 armor and 40,000 HP to survive the fights. Remember, this is a hero arena, not an RPG; boss fights aren't the "high points" of this game. ^_^

Other new thing: CAPTURE THE FLAG

I've started work on my CTF mode/game. These are my goals:

when you capture a flag, everyone on your team gains a level.
When you steal a flag from the spawn you gain a level.
When you return a stolen flag you gain a level.

extra gold from killing the flag carrier. Maybe 200X hero level.
Normal hero kills grant 100 gold X hero level.
Capturing a flag gives your entire team the average hero level X200.
Gold will be given out in intervals based on the average hero level.

General Rules:
You cannot capture the flag if your opponent has your flag.
you cannot enter your base if you are the flag holder and the other team has your flag.
Flags will be sent back to their starting spot if left un-touched for 10 seconds.
The hero with the flag will have reduced move speed and will be always visible.
Creep spawns are INSANELY slow.
Exceptional orbs can be purchased in bases.

Uhhhh, I cant think of anything else to do right now. Anyone got ideas to go with from this? Suggestions? Questions?


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that be my insanely cool scoreboard. I re-aligned the numbers so they are centered under their titles. Also, I made it so all the titles fit.

This is just my CTF scoreboard, I need to make a few more for other modes ><

Also, bump for me getting my arena system finally working! It has modes for equal team dueling and full team dueling.

Should have CTF mode working within a month. Anyone interested in testing send me a message, or visit my site at


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Wow that ice actually looks better than the hellish terrain, the red terrain really irritates me since I can barely see a thing. Hmmm, what are those items, do they give those skyrocketing stats? And oh it seems to intrigue me, how did you manage to display that leak detection thing?


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That is a link to the leak detection system. I am a GUI user, and this system covers 100% of my leaks with a simple copy/paste. To show the leaks, you just gotta custom script to show the leaks (he explains it in the system)

The items are what give me my stats; though they dont exist in the game itself; they are just used for testing. Being able to run the last series of boss fights in 2 minutes is really helpful for testing bugs.

And yeah, im liking how relaxing the ice looks. Light blue and grey will be invisible on it; but it is pretty relaxing... Hopefully when I get all the doodads and affects in, it will still be smooth to the eyes.


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Just a Progress update, mostly for myself...
Other new thing: CAPTURE THE FLAG

I've started work on my CTF mode/game. These are my goals:

(X) when you capture a flag, everyone on your team gains a level.
(X) When you steal a flag from the spawn you gain a level, after crossing midfield...
(X) When you return a stolen flag you gain a level.

(X) extra gold from killing the flag carrier. Maybe 200X hero level.
(X) Normal hero kills grant 100 gold X hero level.
(X) Capturing a flag gives your entire team the average hero level X200.
(X) Gold will be given out in intervals based on the average hero level.

General Rules:
(X) You cannot capture the flag if your opponent has your flag.
(X) you cannot enter your base if you are the flag holder and the other team has your flag.
(X) Flags will be sent back to their starting spot if left un-touched for 10 seconds.
(X) The hero with the flag will have reduced move speed and will be always visible.
(X) Creep spawns are INSANELY slow.
(X) Exceptional orbs can be purchased in bases.

Along with the completion of all my scoreboard triggers; the map is now being tested! Well, CTF mode only!


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Bump to say I finished my 3.1 edit of CHA and can now work more on this.
For the most part, CTF is finished. I have been landscaping quite a bit to "pretty" up the terrain; though I dont play to do all of it yet.

I will try to upload a replay to youtube or something if we can get a 5v5 going; so people can see what it is all about.

With CTF mostly done; I plan to go back and fine-tune the arena system I made, and fine-tune the rag quest. I left parts of both things still... "breakable" and want to make sure nothing can be abused.

The next mode I make will be king of the hill; once I get my general plans laid out; I will post them here. Anyone with an idea of what they would like to see in a King of The Hill game; post your thought and I will try to work with them.


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Just a couple of things.

The map seems nice, I've played the older versions a couple of times and so on.

But there are things that irritate me, mainly the overuse of attachments. As cool as they may be, they interfere with the actual model unless it is a fitting weapon or so. For example, the icy wings on Ragnarok, it just doesn't fit it.

Also, I think the bosses and mobs of the quest, or dungeon, in general are pretty big, might want to reduce their size slightly. I like to see my hero too!

With that being said, I wish you good luck with the completion of the map.


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Hmmm; Thats a good point. I had thought of that at one point, and made them a little smaller. I should reduce them again though... Especially ragnarok with his increasing size.

With the attachments, I am gonna change boss attachments around so the make the boss look cooler. I still want them in the game for heroes; which will generally look silly on some heroes. But I can see that for bosses; they should at least fit well and be "flowing."

Also with the smoother snow terrain; rather than all the glows, animations, and "Attention takers" from the current edit; it should make the attachments on heroes seem easier on the eyes.

Thanks for your insight ^_^


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I have been very busy with college this semester, I have 4 writing classes, and well... I have to write 4 essays a week. HOWEVERRRR, I have still been getting some work done!

I finally got around to terraining the map! Well, 90% of the way done. Some of the areas I am still unsure about I havent done anything with yet. This edit is very easy on the eyes and has very few doodads compared to all the other edits of CHA. Just for a scale; it has 600 doodads (will end up around 700, maybe 750 if people request more) This is very few... 3.1B has 1150, 3.0 had 1300, 2.1 and 2.0 had 1600, beta had 1800; and the old edits before I started editing were around 2400. To a lot of people this may not seem to be of any importance at all; but limiting the number of objects in the game at once can fix a lot of lag problems for people with bad computers.

Alsoooo, I have started re-working the entire rag-quest-trigger-stuff! For the 3rd time this is now. I keep finding tiny little abusable loopholes, and better ways to write the triggers; so I keep doing it over. Hopefully this will be the last time.

I have decided rather than trying to get each of the modes out first (which is a lot more fun, IMO) I am going to complete the "basic" game; and do a lot of skill, hero, and item adding. Then I can have all of that be tested for balances while I work on the rest of the game.

As far as a basic, working version of the game goes; I would say I am about 80% done. On the grand scale of things, It is more like 50% though... Maybe even 40%... Ahh, the joys of caffine...


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Another update for anyone following the progress of this...

The "Normal" Game mode is almost complete. I am still have some problems with a dead hero reviving for the duel; but other than that, the arena system is working exactly how I want it. The end quest is finally complete for both teams; which if anyone read what I wanted to do; could see how annoying it was to try to make.

Also, I changes up the spawning system, leveling system, and creep spawns. The "Safe" spawns, close to the base in the back don't spawn as many creeps as the ones closer to midfield. this is obviously to instill some bloodlust in players. the general progression of the game has been increased. the kill count per player in the game has been decreased, and the duel timer was changed from 6 minutes to 5 minutes. I will be adding in an option for 3 minutes between duels. Though I still have some other quest stuff to finish; I plan to greatly increase my tester list soon for some very extensive testing.

Also, I have been teaching a friend how to make items and item combination triggers. So, withing the next month, expect to see a new weapon and armor line.


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I have added a basic save/load system to the game!
For those who dont know what a save/load system is, it is the same thing used by RPGs to save your hero, items, location, levels, and everything else you would ever need to save, with the use of a code. Well, rather than saving any in-game data like that, I ceated on that saves you Player Experience, Kills, and Deaths.

What is Player Experience?
Player experience is used to determine your player level. You get experience based on kills, deaths, and quest progression. I may also include experience for my other modes, like CTF, KOTH, ect. Currently it is only based on kills, deaths from another player, and killing Rag.

What is the point of Player Experience?
Hopefully to make people want to get better and rank up. you get a buff that says your player level. At higher levels, you get cool graphical attachments on your hero. Also, your level is shown next to your name on the scoreboard. I plan to add a shop where you can buy things that are purely entertaining, or graphical. Player EXP will not affect gameplay in any way. It would be silly to allow better players access to STRONGER heroes. Though I may add in a handicap, and if you lower it, you get more player experience.

How is Player Experience Calculate?
through a complex formula. When you kill an opponents hero, you get ((their player level +3)/2)X(their hero level/2) So, ganking a rank 1 player at level 6 will give ((1+3)/2)X(6/2) or 2X3=6 EXP. However, a level 5 player, at level 30 will grant, 4X15=60 EXP. Assuming pros are playing a long game, a level 20 (max level) player, with a level 40 hero will grant 11.5X20=230 EXP. Players also lose experience when they are killed though. the EXP you lose is based on your level. The higher level you are, the more experience you lose when another player kills you. However, you get more exp from kills (usually) than deaths. I believe it may also be based on the player level of who kills you. cant remember that forumla...

Wont people abuse this system:
Yeah, they will. I have taken many, many.. many... things into account.
-If you kill a player more than X times in a game, you stop getting EXP for killing that player.
-If you have no opponents in a game, you dont get EXP from quests.
-If the game starts with no opponents, you cannot save/load anything at all.
-codes are specific to your username, and no, you cannot crack the code.

Anyone who wants to abuse the system to get more EXP than they should will have to put a LOT of time into it, and would require a group of people. Assuming you artificially inflated your player level, you would lose all of your experience by dieing to low level players anyway. for players who dont cheat to increases their level, there should be no problem maintaining and always increasing your level.


I also finished up a lot of lose ends; including unlocking the rag quest, fixing arena problems. Creep spawns have been moved around a little; and I may change some numbers in them yet. Ive been adding some `created spells` to the game, along with more heroes. Items will be along soon; then I can finally start work on King of the Hill mode.


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heya glorn2 Ive been playin CHA since about Revamped 2.5 and im pretty well experience(wouldnt call myself pro) but no matter what it happens countless times exspecially on a full house game, Multiple players leave makin it like 4 vs 2, Is it possible u could put in a trigger to maybe even the teams when that happens? really hate it when ppl leave -.-

Lol ok ty for listenin to me ramble gl on ur project lookin good! :thup:


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Lol are you so lazy you cant add a few lines of code to each spell rather than using a system? Me too i need to ask a few questions about that system do i need to add the line of code after each trigger for it to work. Also if you need help im sort of an all round editor and can help.


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Joshman, Yes actually, I plan to add in a pause/vote system for swapping teams. I dont want people to abuse it, so it will require like, 75% votes or something; but I plan for a vote system to initiate it; only 2 people need to agree. Then a dialog box will come up for the team with most players on it; you then pick which player you want moved to the other team. Most votes gets moved. Only 1 player can be moved at a time this way, and only from the larger team to the smaller team. What has prevented me from making a -swap command sooner is how abusable a system like that could be; especially in a team game like this. However, I think I finally figured out the right combination of conditions to limit abuses to a "minor problem".

Hex, That system I have is amazing! You dont need to add anything to any trigger unless you want to save a "leak". Then you gotta enter a line or two of code to keep that value from being destroyed. I cant really explain that part too well, the guy who made the system explains it pretty well; I have just never had to protect a leak. It requires ... something by vex, which is also just a copy/paste trigger. the whoel thing takes maybe 5 minutes to set up; and then you can make your own trigger to display the leaks; which is also in the map folder for the system. I think I posted a link to it somewhere earlier on here. I swear by that system though; I hooked it up to an old edit of CHA, just for shits and giggles, and it was finding about 2000 leaks every 5 min or so. Old CHA was pretty basic; and those leaks added up. New CHA, you dont even wanna know how high those numbers get sometimes >< The screenshots I posted here are olddddd! like, 200+ triggers since I posted them.

Thanks for the offering of help ^_^ Usually I just ask for minor help; I copy/paste the occasional system, and sometimes a spell or two. Other than that, I have been making this map 100% solo. ...I could replace the time I spend editing with a part-time job! If I hit a rough patch (which I usually do) I will be sure to ask you some questions ^_^.
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