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Anyone with accounts on the hive or sc2 mapster may have seen this; but I am posting it here also. Need all the publicity I can get... and feedback.

Custom Hero Arena:
This is a classic hero-arena style map; with a lot of advanced options. That is to say players are spread into 2 teams of heroes. To win the game, players must kill each other. It is not strictly a PvP style game though. Players must kill monsters who spawn in the arena to gain minerals and gain experience. If you try to focus entirely on PvP, you will get outleveled, which means you will have less stats, lower leveled abilities, and worse items. It is important to kill creeps. Killing players is how you win, and also offers bonus minerals.

What sets this game apart from normal hero-arena style maps (which do not exist on SC2) is the level of customization. In this, you select a hero skin, then you select 4 abilities and "innate" attributes. After that, you distribute stats however you want. The video below explains it all quite clearly.

Advanced stat systems:


When you hover over a stat, it tells you what the stat does:
Strength: Each point increases attack damage by 1.
Spell Power: Each point increases spell damage by 2.
Agility: Each point increases attack speed by 1%.
Vitality: Each point increases life by 50.
Intelligence: Each point increases energy by 15.
Constitution: Each point increases life regeneration by .3 and energy regeneration by .2.
Armor: Each point reduces all physical damage by 1 and spell damage by 2.
Speed: Each point increases movement speed by .03.

Creep/Terrain layout:

There are 6 major creep spawns on the map; 1 above each base, 1 below each base, and 2 in the center of the map. there are also 10 minor spawns, where 1 creep spawns at a time and wanders.

Creeps will be levelable. that is, there will only be 10 or so "base" creeps who will spawn at higher levels as the average player level increases. Creeps will be designed to have specific strengths and weaknesses, so that a single build cannot kill all creeps easily.
Creep1: High life, low armor. weak to faster attacking heroes, strong against spell casters.
Creep2: Low life, very high armor. Strong against fast attackers, weak to high damage attacks and spells.
Creep3: Fast attacks, long range. Strong against ranged glass cannons with low armor.
Creep4: Slow attacks, high damage. weak to regen builds, strong against armored builds.

Items in this game are based on ypgrades. You start with the base level of all items, and you cannot sell items or own more than one of a certain type of item. You can upgrade items through a dialog system, as shown in the above video. After the basic level of an item, you can pick 1 of 3 paths for each item to upgrade to. Once you make a decision, there is no turning back. The lower the rank of item, the less each stat point costs. While upgrading you need to choose between what might be a quick payoff but a less powerful later game item. If you watch the video and pause it frequently, you can see all of the current items.

This game is pvp based, in that to achieve victory, you need to reach a set kill count.
Every 4-1/2 minutes there is an arena where an equal number of players from both teams are randomly selected to fight to the death. The winning team is rewarded a mild sum of minerals, and the losing team gets a bit fewer minerals. Player kills outside of the arena grant a nice bonus, they reduce the opposing teams points kills by 1, but cannot drop below zero.

Game Progression:
Early game goes pretty quickly. Levels 1-10 are fast. The difference in players level throughout the game doesn't have too potent of an affect on a player's ability to perform. The stats are a system of counters, if you pick stats to counter your opponent, you can be 4-5 levels behind and still kill them. This becomes a constant weight value throughout the game, as you try to get the best possible farming output while still maintaining strength in PvP. Stats from items do not have a strong impact on your build early on. Late game, half of your stats may come from items, making your early game item choices important.

Leveling to 30 (the max level) is intended to take about 40 minutes; and a complete game is intended to last 60-70 minutes. It would be nearly impossible for a player to max out all of his/her items.

What I still need to add:
A lot of skills. As long as this game is being played, skills will be added. I plan to have ~30 when the public beta is released.
5 minibosses, they will give a secondary resource for end-game item upgrades, and unlock the final boss area.
The final boss.
Gloves and Rings (items)
Trinkets (unique, expensive items that greatly alter a build)
Dialog box that shows the score
Achievement system, rankings


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This looks like a well-made map to me. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

One thing that I didn't see you mention is: Where is it published? NA? EU? SEA? Or maybe you're waiting until it's done?

I added this to the Starcraft 2 Member's Project thread. If you want another picture of another description, PM me and I'll edit it accordingly.


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Ahh yes, The map is currently published on the NA server, under the name "CHA-Alpha"
My account on is Flurgenburg #920 (Originally my brothers account)
I will be getting my own account for HoTS though, and be back to Glorn2; so dont want to use up the good map name yet.

Also, just an update; I have accomplished a lot in the past couple of days; I got all the mini bosses added and triggered, along with the final boss (though not a triggered event yet)
I have also completed a basic scoreboard, which tracks team kills, and the kills required to win (based on players in the game)
I am a touch upset that you cannot get a players name through any functions in SC2, like you can in WC3. I may add a type-out box for players to name themselves, so I can create a "scoreboard" showing the "game stats" of everyone in the game.
I have also completed a few more abilities, leaving me with only 8 left before I reach the current cap and need to get a work-around going. When they are finished, along with the last 2 item types, my map will officially be in a beta stage.
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