Tutorial Custom Hero Creation Unveiled

i found a glitch in the demo map! any unit, including creeps or water elemental summons can give you an extra hero!!! i made an army of 7 blood mages with stun and it was so easy to kill creeps :D
Balance Question

Hey guys I am looking to get some information, or opinions, on how you balance hero line wars. I'm doing some research to make a prototype based on hero line wars for an FPS. The only real in depth documentation I have found is here What I am really looking for is how you balance the economy. For example in the link I posted he has your starting gold at 40 and you get 20 gold every ten seconds. The first upgrade cost of the town hall looks like 30,000 gold.

My question is do you think he is making the other amounts relative to the upgrade costs? 20 gold is .0006% of 30,000. Where exactly do you start setting prices? Any info will help.

everithing is fine. My hero learns the abilities when i buy the items. But i have a problem with my ultimate abilities. It can be learned in first level and i cant find how to set is to 6 lvl. In the ability states it set to 6 allready but... PM me pls for fixing this problem.
The problem is: I don't want them to buy their skills. I mean, not in the game start. What I want is to make the players to gain a piece of lumber every 5 minutes (for example), and then they can select the shop to pick a skill. Also, why would like to make it more expensive every level. Can you mae that for me? ._.
Can I ask why this is GY'ed? I didn't even realise it was.
I didn't even know there was a tutorial for this.
A lot of people still ask how to do the custom skills like in CHLW.
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