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I wanted to create this NEW reply to approach another bug

remember the incineration leak someone told?
I think it does exist.
I have played several games WITHOUT incineration and everything went well. It seems vampiric+incineration works, but there HAS to be some issue with lifesteal+incineration

My new test build was Apocaliptic strike, Incineration, Critical, Temporar Armour.

Critical is FINE and I don't think it procs any error since I could crti+incinerate a lot of times, the same goes to apocalyptic+incineration. I think the main issue is with LIFE STEAL and INCINERATION
If you use vampiric aura OR potion(as used in my last game) it fatal error's~

I just want to confirm the previous rants, the problem IS with incineration combos, my only 2 fatal errors in many games were when at least 1 person(me) used incineration.


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Just tried out, has to be it.

I've isolated both variables, I picked the following:
Blademaster<--this is the culprit ;o, agi hero
endurance aura
vampiric aura
spiked armor
flying fortress

used greedisgood 999999 and whosyourdaddy to get lvls

lvled up incineration to 5, auras to 4~

I kept summoning, level up the creep summoner, until I fought those krakens and dividing furbolgs. I could defeat every mob with 1 hit+lil explosion from the kill, but in ONE OF THOSE krakens, the hero jumped to hit(critical hit animation) and the game fatal error'd

it has to be incineration+vampiric~

EDIT: yeah... tested now substituting vampiric with a randomly picked UNHOLY AURA and... same results, hitting a creep with incineration alone made the game fail...
So it's not incineration+vampiric but something with incineration alone... I guess


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yeah, odd. I tried the same stuff with burna boy, nothing, then the ranged turtle, nothing, then with demon hunter, nothing...

maybe it has to do with blade and axemaster's animation, since they 'crit' everytime they score an incineration, which is always...

There also 2 more odd bugs
1- whenever someone types -income it opens the scoreboard for all players
2- On the mentioned test above I had whosyourdaddy cheat on and I could tank 30+ wyverns, holding position, with the demon hunter. Then I went to kill those wyverns and I would need 2 blows to kill them, on the second blow half of them would deal some damage on death...

In comparison, killing vengeful spirits didn't proc anything, even with thorns aura~
Couldn't get it to crash? I had Incinerate, Vampiric Aura, Crit Strike and Essence. Picked up killmaim at tier 2 still nothing.

It would explain why people report it crashing at around tier 2, since killmaim is usually bought around then, but I can't seem to replicate it.

I know about the multiboard one, but I the Vengeful Spirits crit'd me fine, but some how managed to die as well..

I will look into the OoA bugs when I have some more time, but the SFX is intended.

Sorry for the super slow reply, really busy right now... If you find anything else out let me know.


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yeah I know... I think you read my incineration bug report without the right emphasis...

I tested with a DEMON HUNTER and the game worked FINE, I tested with TURTLE AND BURNA BOY and the result was OK as well

but with AXEMASTER or BLADEMASTER if causes a fatal error.
Try incinerate+critical+endurance aura+unholy aura

btw, on your test essence = orb while incinerate is another one...

Well, as far as I recall, my very first test was with BLADEmaster and the bug occurred as intended.

the other bug wasn't on vengeful, but on WYVERNS, somehow they damage you when they die...(because I died from killing WYVERNS with WHOSYOURDADDY cheat on...)
The previous test was done with a blademaster, also I am aware that essence is an orb, but it seemed that it was an orb conflict between life steal and incinerate, which is why I picked essence as a test.

Anyway, just tried what you said just now and worked fine. Just realised I read the part about the vengeful spirits wrong, but anyhow happens to me as well with wyverns as well as some creep on tier 4 not sure which one. Not sure why it happens, but probably some thing to do with the way blizzard coded the cheat.


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I vote to remove spell immunity from certain endgame mobs. Either might or magic should be a viable choice for one to survive and fights back.


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I have to disagree, dutamulia

the only thing magic immunity does to endgame creeps is have one single creep called Necromancer(or even trees, but those DEMAND IT) who would have magic immunity.

And to make things even better, magic immunity only works for vault spells, you are free to 'choose magic' to fight back creeps, as I always do when playing nuke heroes.


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(new post for replying @ longer interval than edit time)

Do you have any idea for new skills?

Why don't you change the AUTO-CAST vault with a WARD vault.

Make them as WEB WARDS, they're spawnable wards which last some time and they have an autocastable nuke spell, and these could be the autocasts!

They could have infinite mana and a set cooldown, or a regeneratable, but lasting mana pool, which could be boosted up by brillance aura(making it a good choice for the build~ etc)

Mana cost, mana pool, damage, duration(ward/buff/debuff) increased by level while cooldown decreased a little.

Some ideas would be~
- Lightning rod, casts chain/forked lightnings(or a hybrid forked chain lightning)
- Gravity rod, pulls creeps to the center, dealing dps, and slowing their ASPD and MS(same as enigma's black hole, but with less visual effects to make it lighter to the game with mass creeps)
- Flamethrower, casts firebreath which leaves a cone of fire on the floor which deals DPS to those who step on it(such as a pyro trap thingy)
- Earthshaker, creates an unstable floor, dealing damage to creeps in a wide area and slowing their movement speed
- Tidecaller, casts a continuous flash flood(nerfed from the ult, or taken from the ult sector and nerfed to the ward)
- Acid rod, launches an acid wave(such as carrion swarm) which poisons all creeps in the cone(like poison arrows)
- Nature rod, creeps who enter the rod's area are entangled, taking DPS, and get a stacking armor reduction for how long they spend there(entangle lasting less than wrath of the wild, dealing less damage, but with an armor reduction, to substitute faerie fire)
- Hurricane rod, creates static tornadoes around the rod in a certain AoE(500~600) These will slow down and deal DPS to those on their own AoE
- Mine field, a ward installs a cluster of mines around it. since there'll be a lot of explosions, they can last a short time, but be replaceable in a short interval
- Soul catcher, temporarily animates the dead in the form of ethereal wyverns, these cannot be targetted by regular attacks but can be controlled by the player.
- Mindcrusher, damages like a negative regeneration(constant dps) whoever enters it's aoe and, while inside, creeps are more vulnerable to magic attacks
- Impalement rod, impales creeps which come in range, stunning and dealing damage. There could be multiple impalements at the same time(2~3 skill slots with the same impalement ability copied, with no shared cooldown)
- Magnetic rod, slows down creeps, slightly reduces their armor and gives a negative regen.
- Sniper rod, shoots a heavily charged bullet with pierces through creeps in a line. Distance pierced, range and damage would increase with level, cooldown between attacks dropped slightly.

So... These are my main ideas for new skills in the game, since auto-cast abilities are hardly useful and used


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i recently formatted my computer, and i lost all the maps i had :banghead: anyone know where i can download all the different versions, like 1.3e and 1.61c???? thanks


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You can easily find them @ just search for customherolinewars (no spaces) and you'll find them in order ;)


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I have started playing again recently, some people might remember but most won't. I decided to start testing Immolation again, because it is part of melee build and is annoying that it crashes the game, these are my findings.

Test build: Concentration, Crit, Cleave, Incineration, Ki Ken Tai Chi
Test style: whosyourdaddy and greedisgood cheats enabled, spam income to 18,000 and upgrade to Tier 2 units. Level stated test abilities then summon a group of a particular unit, summon next unit once cleared.

Test 1 - Only level Incineration: Cleared all tier 2 units without crashing.

Test 2 - Incineration + Concentration: Cleared all tier 2 units without crashing.

Test 3 - Incineration + Crit: Crashed on Forest Troll Shadow Priest(FTSP). Reloaded proceeded to clear every other unit, went back to the FTSP and could not force a crash. I thought about it and considered because my hero was such a high level now I was only attacking 1 unit and the explosion killed all the rest so I was not critting enough. I proceeded to reset my hero back to level 1, bought 5 rings of regen and a crown of kings for attack speed. Got Hero level 2, using level 1 crit and incineration I proceeded to clear FTSP and forced another crash.

Test 4 - Incineration + Cleave: Cleared all tier 2 units without crashing.

Test 5 - Incineration + Ki Ken Tai Chi: Crashed on FTSP. Reloaded and cleared everything else.

To summarize, it doesn't appear to be a problem with Incineration itself it appears to be a problem with FTSP not being able to cope with applying the Incineration orb effect combined with the bonus damage.


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thanks for the input man, also, the hero chosen is of great importance in this experiment, I found that it was easier to crash the game using axemaster and blademaster, while other heroes I've never got to crash on natural conditions

I think it has to do with the BONUS DAMAGE as well, since critical gives it by chance, and KKTC also does it

blade/axemaster's critical animation also has a part on it, I guess, since other characters don't act that way~


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Just discovered a (possible) new bug.

Take orb of anihilation (with any range hero)
When the splash damage affect any mob with thorn aura, you receive damage.
Thorns aura was supposed to return damage only against melee, not range...


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Hi everyone,

I discovered a bug, a very annoying one.
When I play with Flame Boy, with Endurance, Trueshot, Devotion and Debilitation and Drunken Brawler, once I get 2 claws + 10 000, I helm of kings and killbane, game game often crash a few minutes after. It if doesn't, it will automatically crash at the very end, right after all the creeps disappear. As Dan1lo said above, the damages I deal are incredibly high, and the amount of mobs I kill is insane.

I don't know if Baka is still active in here, but I hope it will be corrected. I'll post a screen shot of the next Fatal Error crash reports.

Btw, everyone, this build i mentionned is kickass!


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I think Degeneration Aura is better than Devotion aura. It simply allows you to kill the mobs a lot faster.

I also prefer Incinerate over Trueshot. Not sure about the numbers though. Been too long since I played.

My build is Burnaboy - Endur, Degen, Debil, Incinerate, Drunken. Destroys everything once I get my set items (Ghost Walker, Whale Plate, Golden Axe, Dragonlance, Helm, and Executioner's Blade).

Though, I sometimes have trouble with mass Trees + Barges. In that case, I may opt for Avatar over Drunken. I prefer fully passive builds though as I can then concentrate more on sending than using actives.

At any rate, I have Baka on MSN, so I may bring the bug to his attention if I see him on.


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Well sevion Incinerate is not for me since I need Killmaim's vamp effect. I don't know if it was a bug but the effect wouldn't work.
As for degeneration, I might try it, since the armor is useless endgame with set items.

And for the bug, well this time there wasn,t even a message, my computer shut down...
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