Tutorial Custom Resolution in WarCraft III

Discussion in 'Graveyard' started by SerraAvenger, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. SerraAvenger

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    Your mom got you a 16:10 screen, and always berserk on blizzard for not including a 1680:1050 resolution option?
    Your daughter bought you a cool 21 inch display ( "You ain't doing anything than watching on this, dad, so here you go!" ), and you need to treat it like a 19'' 1280:1024 bastard?

    If so, you can now breath in deep and reliefed:
    Here is a way to change your resolution to whatever you want!
    In only 12 steps! All you need is a Windows XP/Vista, a mouse and a keyboard*!

    1) Go into the Windows Start-Menu, and click on "Execute..."

    2) In the appearing textline, enter "regedit"
    3) Expand the Tree in the Following order:
    - Software
    - Blizzard Entertainment
    - Warcraft III
    - Video

    4) Click on the Video folder
    5) Search for reswidth
    6) Doubleclick on it
    7) In the appearing Window, click on "Decimal" and then enter your preferred WIDTH in the textline

    8) Click "Ok"
    9) Search for resheight
    10) Doubleclick on it
    11) In the appearing Window, click on "Decimal" and then enter your preferred HEIGHT in the textline
    12) Click "Ok"
    ( 9 - 12 like 5 - 8 )

    Best regards, Davey

    *The keyboard is optional if you click, select and then copy/paste the digits from the following charset:

    Fuddling arround in your registration might mess up your PC!
    Never do anything when you don't know exactly what you're doing, or have backups of both registry and important files.
    Cpt.DaveyJones, SerraAvenger, The Killer, The Poet and The Me ( In the rest of the text referred as the tutors ) do not in any way bear the consequences for damage on either your hardware nor your software that are due to or inherit from editing the registry, wether with backed up files or not, nor are they responsible for them.
    The tutors are not responsible for people resulting in the psychatry, wether with backed up brains or not, nor do they have to bear any consequences for damage on either your brainware nor your motorical capabilities. Any drops in performance in either ladder, custom games, school, university, college or job due to a change in playing, play time or play-frequency that are due to a better or worse resolution are NOT guilt of the tutors, but of the player. By having registered on thehelper.net or by having viewed this thread with any internet browser ( whichever came first ), you have agreed to these terms. If you should attempt to break your agreement, you must "donate" 500$ to "The Enterprise", Italy.
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  2. TriggerHappy

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    Cool , Wonder what else you can modify :) +rep

    but put spoiler tags around images.
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  3. SerraAvenger

    SerraAvenger Cuz I can

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    Th for the hint = )

    Note that Fuddling arround in the registration might f.... mess up your pc. So I'ld rather not try arround too much ; )
  4. Jedimindtrixxx

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    is that a widescreen monitor your talking about? cuz mine is 15" 1600x1200 (thank god blizzard has that one)
  5. SerraAvenger

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    My 20.5'' 16:10 is widescreen, yes. Luckily enough for you, Blizzard likes 4:3 - and thus gets you your wonderfull resolution for free.
    For the others, The tutors crafted this tutorial.
    All 5 of me.
  6. AceHart

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    Well, while this does get the game to use the entire screen,
    it does not change the internal resolution to widescreen.
    I.e. everything looks slightly off.
    Ability buttons for example are not square anymore...
  7. SerraAvenger

    SerraAvenger Cuz I can

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    - all bow infront of - the master - -

    That's a problem of widescreens in general. Even with a 4:3 resolution, everything looks slightly off - just that it looks uglier with a lowlevel resolution than with an actual 1680x1050.

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