Custom .tga icons, normal non-passive icons (BTN path)


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Hi, i imported some custom icons into the game using the BTN import path for normal icons, they appear where i want them to, but they don´t have the icon borders that all non-passive abilities do, so they all look like passive abilities. Does using this path not provide the borders for the icons, or am i doing something wrong? I added white borders to the icons myself, but it looks stupid...

Example. 'ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNBloodbath.tga '


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Icons are not tga they are blp :)

Try this one thanks to Sui-cookie

Um, instead of going through all of the trouble (because personally, i think it's the image just being a bitch) just make the icon yourself using the image
Button manager

since your image isn't working right, use a "save image as" duplicate of it, and use that image to make an icon.
It'd be like making it all over again. Just, really easy.
Just try it, and if it works, than it was the icon. If not, it's probably some importing fail. :/
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Thank you very much, that little program is gold


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It doesn't create borders for the icons, the bordered versions have to exist first. You can use image-editing software to copy the borders from the BTN.tga file under the ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons folder.
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