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Discussion in 'Graveyard' started by UndeadDragon, May 4, 2008.

  1. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

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    I got bored this morning and decided to create a custom UI. It works ingame and its easy to import.
    To import, go to the import manager and click either Import File... or Import Files... I suggest you click import files, because it's quicker. Just select the folder where the UI files are stored and click import. Select each one and click Use Custom Paths. Use the paths that I have typed below.

    HumanUITile01.blp - UI\Console\Human\HumanUITile01.blp
    HumanUITile02.blp - UI\Console\Human\HumanUITile02.blp
    HumanUITile03.blp - UI\Console\Human\HumanUITile03.blp
    HumanUITile04.blp - UI\Console\Human\HumanUITile04.blp
    HumanUITile-InventoryCover.blp - UI\Console\Human\HumanUITile-InventoryCover.blp

    I hope you enjoy it. Credits to me if used in a map, comments appreciated.


    EDIT: I should just say that the line down the middle of the portrait area is not on the actual design. I am not really sure why its in the picture :S
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  2. Ravenore

    Ravenore Guest

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    Still no clue of how to modify the:

    I'm waiting. I suppose someone will answer, soon or later (myself, I still have no clue, and I'm stuck on this part of the interface modding).

    For the ones who doesn't know what I'm asking about, is to try to find the way to overlap our custom "time-circle" over the ugly human one from the default game. The tiles are not inside the Game Interface, and I suppose it is a trick to tweak around the Import Editor thing. But, how to tweak it? I really don't know...

    I am glad the tut worked for you too. I like the textures, but I see them a bit plain. Try to add shadows where it is needed and to tone down the highlights in the places where the light is too saturated for the place where they are placed. That will build up in the feeling of 3D and may eat the plain-ness of the rest of the interface. The rest is nice.
    Did you managed to substitute the time-disc? Because I have the feeling that you have the same problem as me.
  3. Knight7770

    Knight7770 Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia

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    You need a Readme in the .zip file to get it approved. Also, there are 2 files that don't seem to be necessary; what are they?

    In-game screenshot:

    This is not the place to be asking questions. Go read some tutorials about it.
  4. Mr.Tutorial

    Mr.Tutorial Hard in the Paint.

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    The bottom right boxes look a bit uneven and the top where the moon/sun clock is looks very unfancy. Not to compare you with blizzard or anything, but if you haven't noticed there custom interface has a fancy design, I think this should be reworked a little bit more before it's a +REP or good in my oppinion :cool:

    Also from knights picture everything looks crooked.

    Overall it was decent. Could be better. :)
  5. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Thanks for the comments, sorry about the late response.

    @Ravernore: I forgot about the time indicator on this one. I might update it after I have finished my SATS revision.

    @Knight7770: I will add a readme.txt to the zip file as soon as I can, but what are those 2 files that aren't needed?

    @Mr.Tutorial: Thanks for your tips, I will add these to the design soon, aswell as redesigning the Time-Indicator area.
  6. Flare

    Flare Stops copies me! Staff Member

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    Looks great apart from a few things

    1) The time indicator, the grey part is too square IMO. Maybe you should make the corners more rounded

    2) The HP/MP boxes... there's something about them that makes me think it doesn't suit the rest of the UI. Could be just me though :S Maybe it's the fact that they are much darker than everything else around it.

    Overall, I think it looks good, would be cool to see this used in a map. +rep

    Also, you could add a little more info on importing. What if someone with no importing experience comes along and tries to import it. Where are they supposed to type those custom paths? Is there anything else required other than importing the files? Isn't there something in Game Interface that must be changed to get this to work?
  7. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

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    If you change the import paths, then you do not need to alter the Game Interface, but I will add more information about the importing now, thanks.

    EDIT: Added Import information
  8. Knight7770

    Knight7770 Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia

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    No, just import the files with their corresponding paths.
    Sorry, just 1 file that isn't needed: Whole_Image.jpeg
  9. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Ok, I will now upload a better .zip file witout Whole_Image and with readme.txt.

    EDIT: Re-uploaded the new .zip file, without Whole_Image and with readme.txt
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  10. PurgeandFire

    PurgeandFire zxcvmkgdfg

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    Lol, that is just C'n'p from the sunken ruins texture. :p

    It looks a little odd because some areas are sharp while others blurry.
  11. jonadrian619

    jonadrian619 -___-

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    The UI was made more on CnP from doodad textures instead of freehand. Also in the inventory boxes there are small golden lines:confused: and other details, some parts esp. the minimap have sharp edges. Lastly it's decent and good, +rep, only need some parts to be changed for it to be approved.

    OFFTOPIC i suppose: Here I'll show you guys a WIP concept of my first UI for my TSoT(Sadly it's just a preview, I lost the original file so it's not editable, anyways I'll be making a better version w/ less CnPs and more freehand graphics)

  12. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Thanks for comments, I like your custom UI :). Next time I will make a free hand UI.
  13. Romek

    Romek Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Look at the ingame screenshot. 2 of the parts aren't alined.
    It looks blurry, and like a mass CnP job.

    Jonadrin posts that UI everywhere xD
  14. Daskunk

    Daskunk SC2 Forum MVP - TheSkunk #386

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    Looks too chunky, I can telll were you copy pasted blocks of stuff.. ><

    Looks ok, but not good enough for me to want to use it in a map really..
  15. Obliviron

    Obliviron New Member

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    Where do I download this skin?

  16. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Sorry, I removed it, but if you want me to re-upload it I will.

    It's not exactly my best quality work though. I am working on a free hand one at the moment, so if you wait a bit, then I should have it up fairly soon.
  17. stetano

    stetano Guest

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    Hey guys....I have a Mac
    I can see only the UndeadUITile 1/2/3/4 with my BLP Tool.

    The problem is that some parts of the frame is ruined.....Is no Linear.
    So when i test the map i see some small black things coming out from my work!!!!!
    There isn't any Mac software to modify the original model!!

    -Is there a solution for this Bug????

    -Or can some1 pass me .tga files of HumanUITile 1/2/3/4 pls???? (if Linear)

    Can U show me your work without BLACK Backgound??
    Mine looks like this (but is still under work)

    Tnx anyway ^^
  18. D1vergent

    D1vergent New Member

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    Does anyone still have this UI? If yes, then please upload it here.

    Thank you in advance!

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