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    Hello, people. I have finished my D3Tools program.

    It calculates your Effective Health (and compares two items and their impact on your effective health).

    There's a bug, but I'm too lazy to find it. It's late and I'm going to Costa Rica haha.

    Here's the code if anyone bothers to look through and try to fix it: http://pastebin.com/X03kk5U7

    I believe there's something wrong with some of the variables that compare the items' effective health because giving 2000 armor to Item 1 and 1000 to Item 2 returns +1800 Effective Health. If you reverse it, there's only a -700 Effective Health change. If anyone finds the bug, I'll like your post :)

    It should work just fine for calculating your own Effective Health without the other gear though.

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