Data editor slow - duplicating units, editing values, ...


I'm so lonesome I could cry...

Duplicating units, editing behaviours, even editing some fields, etc., is really slow which reminds me of the warcraft 3 editor. The fix in warcraft 3 editor was to turn off "Brush map" (Due to it was getting reloaded upon every change). Is there any similar trick today in Galaxy Editor?

Some views that I should be having that are faster than others (makes me bit sad that there's XML behind the scenes...)?
Currently using:
Table View
Display objects as list Tree
Show object explorer
Show field values
Combine structure values


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The only thing I can think of is the overview manager. If you have the overview manager open, it'll slow down a lot of stuff since it updates the stats everytime something is changed. You can turn this off in some option in the overview manager so it doesn't update automatically but it's easier just to close it since you dont need it all the time.

Other than that, I think it comes down to a slow computer. There's a bunch of small things that could help a bit but not much.

* Single-clicking on a field and pressing ctrl+c and then single-clicking on another similar field and pressing ctrl+v will copy the value. This way you wont have to open the menu, which might take some time.

* Filling in lists can take quite some time, for example if you switch to the actor tab, it might take 5-10 seconds before you can do anything. To make this faster, search for something before you switch tabs. For example, if you know you're going to mess with the zergling actor, search for "zergling" and then switch tabs.

Those are the only ones I can think of on the top of my head. I'd suggest using "Show Advanced values" as well, but that's just a matter of preference (and might slow you down a tiiiiiny bit).


I'm so lonesome I could cry...
Thanks for the reply.

Yes I am copy and pasting most of the fields (was quite used to the wc3 editor, and copy pasting worked there too :p ), and using the the "+" sign in structured values, instead of opening up a new dialog... But tend to restart the editor once it gets too heavy, have a decent computer, SSD, i7... Tried sitting on quad AMD also (without SSD though), but couldnt feel any difference.

Switching tabs do not lag for me, only some fields...

"Show Advanced Values"? Where is this option? Is this an option in Heart of the Swarm only?

Edit: quite strange, that on my i7 PC the Show Advanced Values is not being displayed in the top menu > "View" > "Show Advanced Values", but on my AMD cpu, that option exists...

Even more frustrating is that the AMD only has a 92% installed playable version of sc2 (havent bothered to wait for the rest of the installation/update to complete). Cool :)


Hey Listen!!
This field ("Show Advanced Values") doesn't ever exist for me, can someone show some print of it please? :)


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The editor is changed and there is no advanced view anymore, all values are now instantly in the editor

Where exactly are you looking for?


Hey Listen!!
Data itself, I got confused because you said that on October, and my editor was different :p

But it's ok.
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