Death's Sketchbook

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    Death's Sketchbook
    I just draw on my free time, or when I'm very bored.
    Here, you can see how my art has changed over the years.
    Artwork pre-2011? Let's just say I'd rather not show, heh.
    Critique or enjoy, whatever suits your fancy.
    You can ask me anything.

    PS. My apologizes if the images are large. I usually work with large dimensions.
    WORD ART: ORIGINS [2011 February - August]
    WORD ART: METAL LOGOS [2011 September - Current]
    WORD ART: GENERAL [2012 September - Current]
    WORD ART: DIGITAL [2012 November - Current]
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  2. FireCat

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    Cool !
    Well, what do you like to draw the most?
  3. thewrongvine

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    Word art.

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