WIP Defense of the Ancients : Revival


I am a WolfieeifloW fan.
Guys, I am sorry.

This project has been too time-consuming, I feel like everytime I say no to updating the map I am failing you all. This proves I am not ready for something this big, as you can see I'm working on 5 other maps (Ruins of Battle, Dalaran Crossing TD, Final Resistance, Conquer the Ruins, and War of the Scars), I quit the first, third, and fifth maps to try to increase the time I have to work on this map, but I fail.

The reason I can't update is cause I have to go on vacation for 2 weeks, going out of town. I won't be able to go world editor because I can only go online on Internet Cafes there (Internet Cafes have no World Editor cause it's fake Warcraft 3), we'll be staying in a place where my parents think it'll be good for my brain to stay away from computers. (Which apparently is our guest house, which has no computers!)

Sorry to have failed you guys, if anyone is man enough to take over this map, let him go on.

Please whisper me if you can take this on.

The fact that makes it the most fail is that it's only been a week.

If no one can take this over I'll be glad to take it on again after I get back. Leaving the day after tomorrow.


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You have been getting more help than the previous owner but you still cant handle it...
It doesnt affect me im just pointing this out. I was one of the only people that helped Cung before he passed this on to you, but here i notice people with lots of suggestions and ability offers. If anything this is the project with the most support right now i cant see why you would leave it.


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Although I could take back the project and attempt to work on it again, I'm usually busy with housework & forum moderating (not to mention I'm lazy.)

Considering how fast views came in for the first thread, there is a demand for this project, yet it's hard to find a suitable developer. If this map was given to someone who made consistent updates, the view-count would reach similar to that of Gaias Retaliation ORPG.

Oh well, I will see if there's anyone else willing to take this on. Because there would be a flood of DotA:Revival threads though if a 3rd developer came in, I would suggest deleting the old thread. ;)


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Ahum, yes, forum moderating. Tough work there, lots of hours needed. :)

Just because you are going somewhere doesn't mean you have to quit the map... it's a map. If you leave for a month, it should still be there. And besides, there's nothing wrong with going away from a map for some time. It can give some inspiration and new ideas.



I am a WolfieeifloW fan.
Okay, I didn't say I'd quit, I just said if anyone wanted to take over the map while I was gone so you guys won't be waiting for the next too much.

I know the support I've been getting now, it's better, and much more adequate for a map this size.

Leaving in 3 hours.


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well then just post the map you've got right now
we can still work on it
i mean its almost done
we'll just update it in roles
someone fixes a few things, posts the new map here
then someone fixes/updates that map etc etc...
we can still do this...


I am a WolfieeifloW fan.
Uh, the map is at my house, 2.41?

It's at my house, I have a kinda average update on it, so if I gave it to you guys now, I would have to repeat what I have done. Don't worry, I'm coming back, and I'm still working on the map.


I am a WolfieeifloW fan.
Back, I'll resume work on the map once I've gotten sleep again. :)

I will finish all the unmade heroes (hopefully, or even just half, before the week ends).


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Back, I'll resume work on the map once I've gotten sleep again. :)

I will finish all the unmade heroes (hopefully, or even just half, before the week ends).
make sure You fix dota bugs like:
spells that have damage blocked by armor. Or spells that are supposed to be magical but deals physical damage.


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I can surely learn from this project. As I am starting on JASS anyway, I am just about done realizing how painful GUI is and how limited it is to JASS. Ok maybe with the Camera system is what I would still do in GUI, who wants to type where the camera is and where do you wanna move it. Noooot meeee!

If I can help with gui, pm me... or ill pm you then you can pm me and this will have to stop... eventually.


I am a WolfieeifloW fan.
Okay, we've got a big changelog coming up.

I am now partnering the map with CungPowCow so we can bring you the updates faster than normal.

Once he has finished editing his part, I will post the map on here. I hope you guys are still keeping a tab on this map!

Sorry for my lack of activity, StarCraft 2 proves to be too much of a distraction since it got released.


I am a WolfieeifloW fan.
Changelog v0.241
- Added Stifling Dagger
- Added Tidebringer
- Added Kraken Shell
- Added Dream Coil
- Added Crystal Nova
- Added Hoof Stomp
- Added Great Fortitude
- Added Shuriken Toss
- Added Arc Lightning
- Added Bloodrage
- Added Bloodbath
- Created an Admiral Hero
- Fixed Assault Cuirass abilities.
- Fixed Shuriken Toss icon border
- Fixed missing damage bonus on Mithril Hammer
- Fixed a 30% of the wrong tooltips
- Mask of Death now gives the correct amount of life steal
- Nathrezim Buckler casts it's armor AoE and stats are fixed


I am a WolfieeifloW fan.
I will have to stop editing for a while since I have my finals coming. I will talk to CungPowCow, I won't be able to edit for a month.
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